Introducing Chuwi Hibrid Dual Boot Tablet 4GB Ram With 6600Mah Battery

When you think of “hybrid tablet”, Chuwi may not be the first
that will come to your mind but they’ve got something to offer you. They recently
launched a new device that appears to be an excellent contender for the budget
market. if you are looking for a tablet that comes with the option to dual boot
both Windows 10 and Android this may be a device to consider and is a worthy
contender to other options available.

Model                     Chuwi HiBook
10.1 inch  IPS (1920 * 1200)
26.20 x 16.75 x 0.85 cm
Intel X5 Cherry Trail Z8300
10.1 inch  IPS (1920 * 1200)
2MP Front, 5MP Rear
SD Card Support
Yes (up to 128GB)
Dual Stereo
Windows 10/Android 5.1
USB Type C, Micro USB, 2 * USB Type A, HDMI, 3.5mm,
6600 mAh (3 Amp fast charge)
The device features many of the features you would expect
from a device in 2016 including: 4GB RAM, USB type C, 3 Amp charging and SD
card support. The decision to include USB type C and Micro USB is a welcome
change but the inclusion of Android 5.1 looks disappointing considering the
facts that Marshmallow has been around for a while now.

You can get it from AliExpress for  $186.74 here; but you’ll need to get the keyboard separate.
What do you think to this tablet? Is it a worthy Hibrid
competitor? Leave a comment below.
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25 thoughts on “Introducing Chuwi Hibrid Dual Boot Tablet 4GB Ram With 6600Mah Battery”

  1. Yomi after downloadin system update for my inifinix hote note pro lollipop.. It system error unzipping a file for the following pack… Wht do i do

    • It's either the file u downloaded I corrupted or you do not have winzip achieve t unzip the file. I you Don hav winzip kindly download from playstore and if you do have it, then d file might be corrupted.

    • After I dwnloaded winzip.. I tried to dwnload nd instal d first workrd.. I I installed it wen my fone rebooted I was ask to dwnload anoda update.. Aroind 143mb..i dwnloaded it bt it says unzip error… Check back snd dwnload again… I did it again nd again.. I stil get dsame responds… Wt do I do 4dis to instal lyk d first one

    • Hello Anonymous, What is the update version you are currently running on your device? Or better still you can try the below suggestion…

      Copy the update you downloaded to the internal storage of your SD card. Boot your phone into recovery mode and install the that you downloaded. It should install.

    • Am currently running andriod 5.1 XUI.1.N.0.2 Version X551-G808_BC-L-20150925…while d new update dat refuses to instal after download is Andriod 5.1-XUI.1.N.0.2 Version X551_G808-BC-L-20151009 (143.79mb).

      I looked for d one I dwnloaded.. Bt I did bt c anytin both in d sdcard and phone memory

  2. Hi, good day sir Yomi I know this is off topic but i really need your opinion on this .

    I want to buy a new phone and phones on my wishlist are Infinix Note 2 and Tecno Boom J8. However the things discouraging me from getting the boom j8 is the Quad-core processor, the battery capacity and tecno’s lack of OTA update for their phones (don’t know if boom j8 will be getting marshmallow update self) and the thing discouraging me from getting the Note2 is the phone constant heat up on heavy usage and the average 1GB RAM usage and I also heard that Infinix phones do give lots of problem

    Please in your opinion which should i go for?

    Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • From my encounters, Infinix knew generation smartphones doesn't give lots of problems aside of the deadly Infinix hot 2 and the fake infinix phones in the market.

      I'll advice if you are going to settle for Infinix hot note 2, go for the 2GB Ram variant otherwise settle for J8.

      Infinix hot note 2 1GB Ram is nothing to write home about. But J8 battery 3000MaH is not too bad.
      Except if you want me to recommend another device for you; go for J8.


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