Mozilla Introduces Firefox Quantum – 2x Faster Than Normal Browser

Mozilla is preparing to daze you with one of the most fastest browser in the world. The company even claim the browser will be faster than Google Chrome and others. The new browser is twice as fast as the normal Firefox  was a year ago and will be code name Firefox Quantum,  version 57.
The browser is still in the beta stage and will run all through before the stable version will be release come Nov 14th says Mozilla. Project Quantum is something Mozilla has been working on for a while and is such a big leap that you’ll instantly feel the difference when loading up your favorite websites. 
A popular way of measuring the speed of a website is with the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark (that is currently still in development).

Mozilla also said it has redesign the interface of Firefox using Photon Project. The new, minimalist design introduces square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library, which provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots.
Some of you might want to try out the beta of Firefox Quantum on your devices… find the download link below;
For PC users download here
For iOS users, download here
And for Android users, download here 

Source: Mozilla

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