Have You Tried Samsung Internet Browser Before?

Have you tried Samsung Internet browser before? Initially it
was exclusive to Samsung devices alone just like its apps are exclusive to
Samsung devices alone; now it has been made available to some devices but not all. 

Samsung internet browser is one of the best out there with
supported chromium extensions. I tried to install it directly from playstore on
my Xiaomi smartphone but I got the shocker of my life, not compatible… same thing goes to my G5 so I head straight to apk pure to download the virgin file.
It is light weight and extremely fast. I’m sure you’ll love
You can try it out directly from Google Play or here or here.
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18 thoughts on “Have You Tried Samsung Internet Browser Before?”

  1. wetin dey even dey do play store self… I wanted to download gangster new Orleans from play store with my infinix phone but it said my device is not compatible with the game, so I downloaded it from another app market and it installed and as I tried to play it, it said invalid license, there was no way I could download the game from play store coz of the compatibility… I still have it in my phone and I can't play it. any ideas?


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