What is Nokia Feeling Like Sef? Nokia 3310 Goes For N20600

I almost pass out when I saw the price and the first thing
that came to my mind was do they think this is India? What is Nokia feeling
like self? I was expecting to see at least between the price range of N7000-N10,000
but alas! The price I saw online gave me goosebumps.

It is not as if it comes with extra feature that will make
me dump my existing Nokia Touch light for it. Still maintain the same old
2.4incher screen, only that this time, it comes with 2MP camera with LED flash.
Dual sim with 2G network. 16MB internal storage with supports for Micro sdcard
upto 32GB.
Though people believe Nokia products are built to last but
on this one, the price is a no no for me. Why the hike in price when you can as
well get good smartphone with well balance internal storage for that same
What do you think about the price?
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16 thoughts on “What is Nokia Feeling Like Sef? Nokia 3310 Goes For N20600”

  1. It Is Obvious Nokia Is Not Interested In Reclaiming The Market Share They Lost, Why Would Any Sane Person Who Has Experienced The Power Of Android Go For This With The Same Amount That Can Get You A Decent Budget Smartphone.

  2. Yomi my hot note pro is giving me issues: i can't use my hotsport cos wen i on it, it just stays for a minute then off by itself, also my Bluetooth refuse to one later on it wud on on it's own and the to off the Bluetooth is war, what can i do help me out. Thanks

    • Hello Israel,
      Your phone hasn't receive an update in a long time and infinix have temporarily abandon upgrade or update for this phone.

      The only way to fix this is to factory reset it.

  3. Honestly am totally confused. I thought it was a Scam when I saw the price on Facebook. Because I bought mine 8k. I don't know if there are 2 types. There's nothing special about it . It has just opera mini and a strong battery, nothing else. Have sold it already.

  4. i was thinking of buying this or that ouikitel beast with badass ba3 and tv. D price of this one just weak me, i need a small phone with stong ba3 and can still perform some major functions. Prof what ll u advice?

  5. its actually cheap… na our currency dey make am big. na just $50 for amazon… not even up to 100$ but market here go dey hype price like say na mumu dem dey sell give


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