ABC of Getting Adsense Approval Under 48Hours

There is nothing as annoying,
discouraging, moral killing as a blogger than you applying for AdSense and you
get that disgusting reply from  Google
that you have insufficient contents, or site doesn’t comply with Google AdSense
I know a lot of bloggers  who has actually quit blogging because they’ve
been rejected several times. The truth is, it is so easy to get approved.

I know you have more than 100 blog posts
on your site but AdSense keep telling you “Insufficient content”.  Or perhaps you always that “difficult site
navigation”… “we cannot approve you at this time”; the simple truth is, you can
easily get an approved AdSense account if you follow the guide below.
How Do I Get AdSense Approved Easily?

==>Write a unique 10 blog posts not copied from anywhere
on the internet.  The blog post should
not be less than 500 words. Even if you have posts that you copied from other
blogs, send them to drafts; and leave just 10 original blog posts coming from
you. Some people said you must have 20 posts, some say 15, but 10 unique posts
is just okay.
==>Those 10 blog posts must have atleast one original
image each. You can always create images/pictures easily by yourself. Don’t
copy any image on the internet or be prepared to get moral killing reply from
==>You blog must have Home, About Us, Contact Us and Privacy
Policy Page
. These four items plays a very important role in getting AdSense
==>Domain Age: Your domain age must be atleast 4months
old. I know some people still get approved with but I can’t
actually vouch for that.
==>Your Blog Design: Those of you that must have been
rejected several times and you always receive messages like “difficult site
navigation”. It simply means that your blog design is hard to understand or
will give your readers mind-ache. AdSense love simple plain design, that
maintain the KISS principle.
One of the mistake which I have seen many new bloggers make
is, they create a new blog with a crappy disgusting design, add few low content
posts and then apply for AdSense. Believe you me, even if I’m AdSense, I won’t
approve you.
==>Read all Adsense Rules, Terms & Condition: Adsense
disapprove you because your blog doesn’t meet their terms and condition. So
read it again here and fix all your mistakes.
But,y ou can also read getting AdSense approval in just 45min
Any question? Don’t hesitate to use the comment box.
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44 thoughts on “ABC of Getting Adsense Approval Under 48Hours”

  1. Mr Yomi. you are doing a great job. thanks for your life. pls in the course of installing clokwordmod in to my techno f7. after installed r7cwm-image. my phone can not boot into recovery mode anymore. have tried so many trick. but all is not working. .although the phone is working. pls help me out

  2. This is quite informative. I actually got my blogs AdSense approval while still running on It doesn't really matter whether or not you have an aged domain name or not. Though I put a lot in order before applying. Such as posts, privacy policy, about us, contact me form, sitemap, Google analytics etc

    At times, it just seems as though Google just make up excuses and decide not to approve blogs – just to play hard to get I presume. But no matter what they do or look at, just be sure the ball is in your court before applying.

    Uche Francis!

  3. Thanks for this awesome tutorial and Uche Francis for reviving my hope cos I'm not ready to get a domain now.

    I'll follow d guide.

  4. @ anonymous, you can get a godaddy domain for as low as $1.17 which is about N250.

    All thanks to yomiprof who inspired me to create my own blog.

    Getting AdSense approval is pretty easy if you dance by the tone of Google.

  5. Yomi how will one be able to host a foreign domain right here in Nigeria, i mean how will i be able to make payment since it's in dollars.

    • any domain you want to buy is very much possible if you have a valid master card or visa card. They'll charge the equivalent of the dolla in naira from your master card.

  6. thanks boss and almighty GOD will guide and be with you
    you are a great blessings to this our geneation
    pls and kindly help me review review my blog for quick google adsense approval within 24hours and this is the url
    pls tell me
    anything that is on blog that could delay or aborted my approval so tha i can fix it.
    GOD bless u.

    • This is not a review thread. Just follow those simple tips above. If you put those tips in place and you should get adsense approval. ***Afterall I've reviewed that same site severally***

  7. Oga yomi, thnks a lot for the tips, I want to start a forum, please wat wud it take to get adsense approval? And any web hosting site you would recommend 4 starters

    • Hello Anonym,
      first of all you need to determine the kind of content you want to make available in that your to be forum; maybe educative, how to etc. But it should not be nudity.

      If its international, I'll recommend you go for Godaddy hosting domain, and if its within africa, go with Web4africa or DomainKing

    • Uncle Prof , I will like to get a blog about Betting prediction and odds , in short all about online Betting, I hope google absence can approve that ?

  8. please yomi how do I put this four things Home, About Us, Contact Us and
    Privacy Policy Page. I use blogger

    will really need your help please.

    • First, add a pages gadget

      ==> Sign in to
      ==> Click on the blog you want to update.
      ==> On the left side of the page, click Layout.
      ==> In the section you want your pages to show, click Add a Gadget.
      ==> In the box that pops up, click the + to the right of the Pages gadget.
      ==> Make changes to the layout of your pages.
      ==> Click Save.

    • First of all you need a valid Master Card or Visa card, you can easily get one from your bank.

      Secondly, is Which domain registra do you want to buy from so that I can give you the guide on how to go about it?

  9. Your AdSense application status

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    Difficult site navigation: During our review of your website, we found your site difficult to navigate. Potential navigation issues include: redirects, pages behind a login or restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialers, and pages under construction or not yet launched.
    this was the respond i got frm google adsense dis evni and
    pls how can u bail me out ?
    this is my gmail
    [email protected]
    for better explanations
    GOD bless you sir
    oga mi

  10. please yomi how do I put this four things Home, About Us,
    Contact Us and
    Privacy Policy Page. I use blogger
    will really need your help please.

  11. Hello Mr Yomi, im so so happy i just got my adsense on last week. will it be possibile to use the ads on a new blog page, lets say i craeted a new blog today, and i have 5 paost on it, can i put ads on it?

    i learn that once you have adsense, you can use it on any web site or blog page. i dont know how true it is. i dont want to KICK OUT by google.

    • Hello Alvin,
      I'm so happy for you… Congratulations. Please note, don't click on your ads for no reasons, don't invite your friends to click on the ads because google will keep monitoring you.

      At the initial stage, google will want to know where your traffic source coming from so make sure its not coming from only FB or Twitter, SEO optimization is very important.

      You can place your ads on any weblog that is in accordance with adsense policy even if its has only one post on it.

      If you are using a PC, install adblocker so that impression won't be counting from your ends or else it has consequecies.

      Welcome to the world of Adsense.

    • Traffic from nairaland is not bad but it should come from nairaland alone or fb alone. Work more on ur SEO ranking as dat is the best source of traffic.

      Make sure you configure your robot.txt so that ur site can be index

  12. Yomi, what is my fate? I have a 4days old blog with my original content and I can't apply for AdSense yet (appears gray) but it seems my post is being copied to another blog. What do I do? How will google know am the actual owner of the content?

  13. My site has been disapproved. please can you help me check it out and suggest ways for me to improve it so that i'll be accepted next time. Thanks prof. I hope google accepts me when next i apply.


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