How to Install CWM Recovery on Infinix Hot Note Pro in Less Than 5min Without PC

This is my 2 cent advice, please don’t brick your smartphone, don’t
install applications you don’t need on your device. Don’t even install an
update if you are not sure what kind of update it is. Android OS is very very
fragile (permit me to use that word).

It’s so painful to find out that someone who recently bought
infinix hot note pro barely two weeks ago, installed a low level applications meant
for 2.3 and viaaammmm…! The phone was bricked. The most annoying aspect of it was
that he didn’t even install CWM recovery, making stock rom flash a little bit
If you are new to Android, please read this guides here.
Back to business, I’ll quickly guide you through on how to
install CWM recovery on your Infinix hot note pro. It is easy and simple.

==>Rooted Infinix hot note pro (if you don’t know how
please follow this guide here)
==>Download Mobile uncle tools from playstore here
How Can I Install CWM Recovery Tool on my Infinix Hot Note

==>Download Infinix hot note pro cwm recovery img here
==>Move it to the root of your SD card
==> launch the mobile uncle and select recovery update.
==>Choose the recovery you copied to your SD card and hit the OK button
Wait while it install>>>as soon as it completes,
you’ll be prompted to boot into recovery, OK it

That’s it, simple and straight forward… If you encounter any
problem, don’t hesitate to use the comment box to ask your question.
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61 thoughts on “How to Install CWM Recovery on Infinix Hot Note Pro in Less Than 5min Without PC”

  1. Good evening sir, pls instead of moving it to the root of my SD card, i moved it to the root of my internal memory, can i delete the cwm recovery and do it again. Or its ok i.e i can still recover my phone when bricked. Thank you very much as I look forward for your reply

    • I have installed the cwm you posted here for hot note pro and i booted into recovery, from there i clicked reboot now. i moved over to rom manager to back up my ROM and it always bring up a msg that error while downloading from server, that i should ensure am connected to internet and that my sd card has some free space and its connected, i use 32GB Class 10 sd card and i use office wifi, pls whats the next step?

  2. pls prof how to upgrade to lolipop am using a chinese tablet pc made by alps. Really don't understand anything about this. pls teach me.

  3. Please can you teach us how to make a recovery. img. I have searched all over the Internet for cwm recovery.img for tecno y3 all to no avail. Thanks in advance.

    • You only need patience in following… not confusing at all. You can only do it like the hot note pro if you have someone who already has ur device recovery.img.

    • With the aid of recovery, you can easily back up your rom should in case anything happen, you can install custom rom etc. If your phone paradventure get bricked and you don't have recovery install on your device, it will be difficult to restore it back to normal.

      The recovery above will not work on ur y6. You need to create your own recovery img. See how you can create it here

    • Thesame way you distinguish between music on our memory card and your phone memory. the most important thing is to get the cwm recovery install on your device.

  4. . After moving the cwm to my mcard d mobile uncle recognised it bt am still kinda confused when i rebooted the phone its saying no app data.. .. Whats d effect of moving it to my mcard…Kinda confused

  5. Yomi. I have an mtk backup of the infinix Zero 2 stock rom, and I've created an SP flash able rom, however, I've been unable to create a cwm recovery for the phone. I have tried several versions of magic create tools without luck. Pls do you have any pointers or suggestions for me as to how I can achieve this?

  6. Mr Yomi. you are doing a great job. thanks for your life. pls in the course of installing clokwordmod in to my techno f7. after installed r7cwm-image. my phone can not boot into recovery mode anymore.have tried so many trick. but all is not working. .although the phone is working. pls help me out

    • It simply means u install r7 cwm instead of f7 recovery img? Both of dem are not thesame so they can't have same recovery image.

      Have u tried combination of volume up and down?

  7. Somebody should help me. My Infinix hot note pro unable to install CMW Recovery. It almost brick in the process. I got No command as i boot to recovery. Help me i really need to install Cmw

  8. Pls help. I don't know if my phone is bricked or not. It started showing me android system errors then it went blank. I can't turn it on again. What do i do? Since it doesn't come on, I can't install CMW recovry and mobile monkey


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