What You Should Know About The Latest BBM Updates on All Device

Even though some people are still
skeptical about updating their BBM to the latest version due to some reason
best know them…
Here are what you should know about the
latest BBM update on Blackberry, Android & iOS.

==>Private Chat: You can now enjoy
that X-rated private convoy either from a group or two persons. With Private
chat, you can have an anonymous conversation, and the conversation will be
deleted after one minute of no communication between the people involve.

To start a Private Chat, open a normal
chat window with the person you want to have a private chat with. On the top
you’ll see a new icon next to the BBM Voice/Video icons – a glasses icon – tap
that icon.
==>Time & Retract Messages Now
Includes Pictures:
You can now also edit
messages sent. To edit a message, tap and hold it and then tap Edit Message.
The message will then be retracted and it will be available in the text filed
for you to edit. Once you’re done editing, just send the message again. There
is no change to the way you send Timed Messages or Retract Messages.
==>Ability to Quote Messages: Groups
will find this feature handy, since a lots of conversation takes place. If you
or someone missed something and perhaps asked a question that was already
answered, it can be copied and quoted.
==>BBM Stickers: Those who often
uses BBM stickers, you can now rearrange your stickers colloections. Not just
that but you can now update your status from the feed.
This is a great improvement, if your
bbm is not updated, then it is out of date.
Note: Privacy and Control is part of a
monthly subscription.
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7 thoughts on “What You Should Know About The Latest BBM Updates on All Device”

  1. Prof. Pls help. I did factory reset on my tecno h5 and some apps didn't install anymore. The message I got when installing is "App not installed". What's solution?

  2. Prof, since i unbrick my Phantom A+ phone, av bn dealing wt annoying 'ads'. Infact, my phone hangs, most especially when the data is on. Pls, how can i get ds solved?

    • Hello, the ads you are talking about, is it when you surf the net or it appears on the screen of your device?…
      Your Phone hanging issue should be traceable to too much apps on your phone running when you turn on your internet…

      do this, go to settings>>>Apps>>> click on individual applications and force stop the ones you don't want them to run…

      Reboot and it should fix it.


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