Computer Village Launches Unified Database to Track Stolen Phones

Tracking stolen phones has become a thing of challenge most
especially in Nigeria. And one of the notorious places where cases of reported
phone theft occur frequently is the largest commercial center in Lagos popular
known as Computer Village.

Ikeja Computer village is the largest commercial center for
phone traders in West Africa… no matter the kind of phone you are looking for,
you’ll definitely find it in Computer village. But criminal activities have
dented the image of this community.
However, The Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association
of Nigeria (CAPDAN), a trade association of Ikeja Computer Village market
traders, has collaborated with a software company to develop a web
portal which enables the tracking of stolen phones.
Though I keep wondering all this while why the NG government
doesn’t have unified database for all Nigerians despite all the NIMC registration,
SIM Reg and all that maybe this will have helped to track easily each Nigerian
to their smartphone. Well, maybe the Gov’t can learn something from this
You can check the unified phone data base here
What do you think about this initiative?
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9 thoughts on “Computer Village Launches Unified Database to Track Stolen Phones”

  1. NIgeria Govt can't do unified data stuff because they don't have good intention in office
    They are there to loot and they don't want anything that can trace them out
    I don't think they can alow such thing anymore after they see what BVN have done to them


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