Best Fonts to Install on Your Android

Unique fonts on Android really makes your chat, messages
looks sweet like candy crush… It has a way of customizing your text design
which is actually cool; unlike the normal default font looking so dull and
totally unromantic.

iFont is one of the best if not the best font installer for
all Androids. The app is design to install beautiful fonts on your Android
device. It makes your phone distinctive, beautiful and if care is not taking,
it can swing your mood… (lol)
You have 100s of fonts to choose from 

Requirements & Procedures
==>Your phone must be rooted
==>Download iFont from Google Playstore or here
==>install and launch the iFont>>Click on the font
your wish to install
==>Wait for some minutes for the fonts to download until
its completed
Note, your phone will automatically reboot once you confirm
that you want to set downloaded font as default.
You can now enjoy your new fonts on your Android device.

What if it brick my phone?

Ans: Download Auto Font Unbricker
Auto fonts unbricker was created by Hovatek to help
unbrick  Android phones bricked by
changing fonts. Even if you don’t have a PC, there is a provision to still
flash the auto fonts unbricker on your device.  Make sure you have CWM recovery(optional) installed on
your device. Please visit here on how to use the Auto Font Unbricker if your
phone happen to be bricked by the font.
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19 thoughts on “Best Fonts to Install on Your Android”

  1. pls someone tweaked my s4 imei today. mow i cnr access my mass storage on usb. even my fone memory wont come up on my system as well. wat do i do

  2. My Prof. I did not see the candy crush on the ifont app. I searched but nothing was found. do I have to update my ifont app? Thanks.

    • Did you reboot your device after the uninstall?
      Go to 'Home > Setting > Application > Manage Application';- Select font you want to uninstall, just click on them to unstall them all

  3. I tried using kingroot not working.. ..i really don't know what to do with my Mtn s620 while others are enjoying theirs

  4. It seems u r overlooking my comment Mr yomi. I asked u to tell me how i can upgrade my gionee m3 to lollipop as i av tried d procedure i saw online but wasn't successfu.

  5. Exactly wat i followed Yomi. All i get is a red icon dat load 100 % within 2secs and yet d phone won't upgrade. My phone is not rooted

  6. Plz Prof come to my resque…

    I've installed ifonts on my rooted Gionee P2s but the fonts look too small, i found it difficult to read my text messages talkless of chating…

    In fact i want to restore my default fonts or if there is any tips that can help me to enlarge the size of the fonts…

    I've already click on settings>applications> i uninstall all apps related to fonts but still all in vain…

    Plz help

  7. Launch dat app nd navigste to local u will see factory font dowload it nd it will take back to d back to d original font


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