How to Root & Change The IMEI of MTN Android Phone S720i & S620

I know so many people are using the MTN Android Device
because it serves them well but not all have been able to root that device nor
change their IMEI… However, I believe the post below is going to help you
through rooting and Changing your IMEI in order to rock other network BIS.
Though Framaroot works like charm but intelligently,
rescinded on some other MTN Android Phone. I’ll quikly show you how to root it with
vroot, and change your IMEI with MTKdroid tool.
Follow me carefully and I bet, we’ll arrive safely in Aso
Rock villa.

==>A system
==>Active internet connection
How Can I Root My MTN Android Phone With Vroot?
==>Download VROOT Official Chinese version
here or  VROOT unofficial English Version
==>Run and Install it on your System
==>Enable USB debugging on your
Android device. To enable USB debugging, go to Developers => USB
then, tick it. If you can’t find it, start tapping on build
number until you see developer options.
==>Connect USB chord to your device
and VROOT will detect your phone
==>Click on Root and your phone will
be rooted then Reboot.
What If Vroot Can’t Find My Device?

Download PDanet here and equally
download Adbdriver here>>>Install it on your PC and repeat the above
How Can I Change My IMEI?

==>Download MTKDroid here
==>Open the MTK Droid Tools, make
sure  it detect the information of your
==>Click on Root Button to gain
SuperSU permission and the yellow box down should turn to green.
==>By the left, you will see IMEI,(Make
sure you back up your original IMEI before you change it oo
) just tap on it.
Generate your IMEI and replace it with the Blackberry IMEI.
That is it, you can then subscribe for Glo BIS to cross check it. It works like charm. I know you have questions, so feel
free to ask.
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60 thoughts on “How to Root & Change The IMEI of MTN Android Phone S720i & S620”

    • You don't need to pass tru such b4 u root ur Nokia X… Just go to playstore,
      Download Framaroot.apk from playstore
      2. Install it & Open
      3. Click on Grandalf
      4. Reboot your device

      Voila you are done.

  1. Good morning prof.always appreciate your efforts God will continue. to bless u pls is there any any android aplication that reward user's here in nigeria like gidimo pls post it to my mail [email protected] thank u sir

  2. Pls Mr. Yomi, I can't get d superuser out of my phone with d method u gave me. The SU on my phone doesn't allow me to do anything on SuperSU that I downloaded from playstore.

    • ==>Use root explorer and delete superuser.apk from the /system/app folder.
      ==>Go to the Android market and download and install super user. Use root explorer again and delete su from /system/bin. Go to the market and uninstall super user.

      Do a factory reset & you will be back to square one.

  3. Yomi i tried signin in Konga nd after i received d verification code..i had 2logoff to get d Code in my message..wen i login bk…dy said phone number nt verifed…wt do i do nw

  4. Yomi i tried signin in Konga nd after i received d verification code..i had 2logoff to get d Code in my message..wen i login bk…dy said phone number nt verifed…wt do i do nw

  5. i am having difficulty writing the new imei.
    the cmd shows this error:

    C:AndroidSDK>fastboot oem writeimei 35xxxxxxx

    (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.016s]
    finished. total time: 0.018s

    please how can i fix this.

  6. Prof please how do I change my Samsung IMEI to enjoy the Glo subscription? And is it possible to crack my MTN wifi device?

    • You can only change your Samsung Imei with octupus box… It is not a software application that you can easily download but … Go to any computer village closer to you, look for those guys that repairs samsung phones and tell them you want to swap your imei, they will do it for you and charge you #1k

  7. Prof I morning sir was able to root 2 infinix zero wit 1 gig ram n 8gig rom but I can't root my 2gig ram infinix zero wat to I do I have used almost all d method u posted here but non worked for it

  8. Morning Prof…I know this is not the right place to post this but i have to do anyway. I have a hardbricked samsung galaxy s3 Gt I9300 that wont on at all, enter download or recovery mode, its practically dead, i read about JTAG service that can help revive my device, so one of your loyal fan directed me to your blog, please how do i go about it, any help will be appreciated.

  9. Mr yomi I downloaded d mtkdroid bt it was showin as exe. File on my phone…even wen I extracted the file..pls can u post a link dat gives direct android app for dat

    • Install it on ur laptop it's not a phone app it's for ur system wen u install it on ur system follow d instructions he gave u above…

    • Make sure you have successfully subscribed for data on your device if you have changed your imei to blackberry imei
      set your apn to
      pasword and usrname, leave empty
      save it as your default and connect.

  10. Pls prof. I have been regretting not seeing this site earlier.jus been around ur site n i must confess ur superb.
    Pls my glo s very slow in browsing and only uses glogwap before it can browse. But the speed s so annoying. If i change my p5 imei. Will it help? And wat other use is changing the imei. Thanks

    • if you change your p5 imei it will be better. but the question is your phone 3G enabled?

      Another options is to use glosecure as your apn and it will be faster than glowap

  11. Morning you all, Hello, Are u in LAGOS, Are u yet to program ur ANDROID device to work flawlessly with glo's 1K 3GIG bis plan?

    We would finally be in LAGOS (UNILAG) on Friday, 10th of October @ Quest Cafe, Students Union Building (S.U.B) Complex, UNILAG. Akoka, Lagos.

    Only devices that are listed are programmable at d moment.
    for details & list of Supported devices.

    And kindly help inform others that might be interested, thanks.
    Olakunle Excel

    • to back up your imei, you need to download Mobile Uncle.apk, once you install it on your deviece, you open it and you'll see a place where it will require you to back up your imei, click on it and your imei will be saved in your sd card.

      You can drop your mail let me send you bb imei

  12. Goodmorning prof. I will do as you said. As the 3g is enabled. Pls the glosecure doesn't work.can u give me p5 workin glo configuration settings

    • Mobile uncle method will work for ur M7. Go to playstore and download mobile uncle, install it and follow the procedures stated in d Mobile uncle thread. U dnt need a pc to do dis

  13. Prof, I've been trying to root my tecno phantom pad mini p9 with no success, I've tried framaroot, vroot, rootmaster and they've all failed to root it. Please, what other app can I use? I want to change my imei

  14. Boss… I followed all ur procedure to root my Mtn s720i… Vroot detected it… but after my phone rebooted it still ddnt root… what cud b d problem?


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