#3 Steps On How To Watch Free Dstv From Your Symbian Phones

This  tutorial  goes to everyone using Symbian, Blackberry or
Android smart phones, and to those who have been unable to watch Dstv on their
system. Though, the other day I posted a tutorial on ‘How To Watch Free Dstv‘ with
your Pc and other device but am surprise it did’nt work for some people.
So  I decided to put up this post so that
they too can flex their unlimited, endless browsing sim.
This tutorial is quite simple and easy, just put on your seat
belt because I am about to take you to cloud 9. I will show you three  different ways you can watch Dstv free from
your device.

How Do I Watch Live Dstv Directly From My Symbian, Android
and Blackberry Device?
Before I begin,  to
effectively watch Dstv on your phones, you must activate Streaming Settings or
Multimedia Default Settings to enable it load faster. To do that,
Open your Phone REAL PLAYER, Press Options  –  Settings 
–  STREAMING  – PROXY [set it as NO], press back and click
on NETWORK [use the Settings below] – Choose Mtn default.
SPB Software: Spb softwares is a flexible
application that posess the capability to load foreign stations live on your
Mobile phones(Symbian), Androids, Smartphones,  and Blackberry devices. It works even better
on Pc. To effectively use it on PC, follow this simple steps
===>Visit http://tv.spb.com
, you will be automatically be re-directed to http://desktoptv.spb.com 
===>You will be ask to download Silverlight, if it’s not found on your PC,
you can download it here  http://microsft-silverlight.m.en.softonic.com/download

===> After Installing Silverlight Software, Refresh or revisit the site http://desktoptv.spb.com and you will see
the Live Tv streaming Screen and be able to watch AFP news, France24, CCTv,
MtvBase, Aljezara e.t.c
To  Symbian users, you
can download directly from thier website here http://www.spb.com/symbian-software/tv
EJAZWORLD : This is a superb website  enriched with great stuffs ranging from   LiveTv
features that includes  – MTV channels
and many others. Just visit http://ejazworld.mobie.in

then click on Live Tv, Scroll down to the bottom of the site, just select any
of the station and it will start showing immediately.
HACKMAN : This is a great site with mind blowing
features, load faster on mobile phones. Live stream sports and movies directly
from you symbian phone.
Visit http://hackman.mobi/index.html

Then click on ‘ Live Tv/movie  – LiveTv
channels and   lists of Live Tv stations will be Displayed,
click on any and start watching.
That’s is friends, surf and watch until ’empty hen’ refund all your money back. lol!
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35 thoughts on “#3 Steps On How To Watch Free Dstv From Your Symbian Phones”

  1. Gud morning Mr yomi! Thanks 4 all dos great nd useful tutors nd tweakz…. Bt let me ask if u r experience dis on mtn wt java phones, when try to watch video online wt java phones it will just load d duration of d video bt refused to play(No response, try again…. Dats wat it say always). Av try all my possible effort to do dis on diff. Java phones like C3-00, X2-01, 5330(dstv phone) bt all in vain

    • Mr Ayo, sorry for not replying you on time plz accept my candid apologies. To answer your question, Though i have not tried it on Java phones, except symbians, android and blackberry devices. It works well on this devices. It also depends on the type of Java Phones you are using because some Java Phones naturally don't support Flash player that' why when you attempt to stream online video, it will just hang. It because of the flash player not supported. some will even display unsupported format.
      But i will look for a possible way out for Java users.

  2. Prof yomi this is exactly d problem am facing with my c3 and mtn, i've tried their default setting and it dosnt work, but it is working perfectly etisalat, as in i do watch youtube video wit etisalat but mtn dosnt, Ayo thanks 4 asking d question, i hope prof will help us solve it…

    • Mr Ibroman my only brother, sorry for not responding on time. It is it the magic sim you attempted to use to stream live video on your Java phones? if yes, most atimes, it will hang or not connect at all.
      Does your Java phone has real player? if yes then use the settings above to set your real player. Let' see how it goes

  3. I beleive the above tutorial is for symbian fones and not for java phones. I doubt if Java can streamline videos.
    @Prof, the above tweak works wella on my symbian phones couple with my magic sim. Tanx for keeping to your promise

  4. My phone is nt accessing google play store when ever i attemp to open the store it rply u most add an account to the device do u want to add when i clique on yes it close the store and daz how it keeps on doing pls hlp prof

  5. Ok let me giv it a trail bt oga prof i dnt even knw hw to thank u only to say may God reward u abundantly and me ur knwledge keep on increase as u free ur mind to share a unique knwledge with us thanks alot

  6. Pls Yomi I have already download the dstv decoder and installed it but when i open it this message will pop out''cant find decoder.please confirm if decoder is defined in phone's destination list.pls help out.am using nokia n97 pls and pls…

    • Mr ibraham, i think i am a little confuse about your question. Is it dat sis files does'nt install on your N80 or what? Please make it to be more clear so that we can profer a reasonable solution to what your device is passing tru

  7. Yomi please I wanna confirm if the mtn magic sim still works…bcos I wanna activate mine and How can I watch Dstv on My laptop,Last question is etisalt network fast for bis using it on laptop with blackberry desktop manager.

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