#5 Steps on How To Easily Track Your Phone, Laptops or Tablets When Stolen – Catch The Thief

This tutorial is going to  benefits every students or individual who own
a phone, tablets or PC  because what am
about to share with you, is what some individuals pay heavily to learn. So
fastened up your seat belt and ride straight with me.
Have you ever imagine your laptop or phone being stolen and
all you could just say is ‘how I wish God will touch this person to just return
only my sim card’ eeh..! It sounds so weird when you can mercilessly track and
trace the thief down to where he/she lives.
 I know you are
already curious to know; but  relax your
mind lets take it step by step because I am still the pilot of this ship. Lol!
At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to keep track
of your Phone, System or Tablets.

How Do I Keep Track of My Phone And System When It Is

Let me introduce you
to PREY. Prey lets you keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever
stolen or


missing — easily and all in one place. It’s lightweight, open source
software that gives you full and remote control of your device anytime and
anywhere. Prey will automatically get the details of the thief ranging from
photographs,phone number and email it to you without the thief being aware of

On a laptop with a
webcam, a Wi-Fi chip, and Prey installed, it’s a good bet you’ll have a photo
of your thief and an approximate location on them just as soon as they have
your computer running for a few minutes.

Prey currently
supports computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux to Android devices.

To begin with Prey,
follow this simple steps

1.       Download Prey here and click on
install to run on your system. During the installation period, create a new
account for your self and enter all your details as pictured below including
your device type


2.       Once you click on create, you
will receive a congratulation message telling you that your device is now set up and  being
tracked by prey.

3.       Head straight to their site and
login to your control panel with your user name and password – click on Device
– Click on Report(0) from the tracked device 
–  Click on  Main as pictured below


4.       It’s time to configure our
MODULES  so set the following parameters
as seen on the pic below


Once you are done,
save changes.

The most important
module to turn on is Geo, which uses Google’s Wi-FI location API to try and
triangulate a laptop’s location—or the GPS chip in an Android for very accurate
positioning. But you can turn on every thing for effective performance.

For Android Users

Android phones set up
with Prey actually have fewer reporting and alarm modules than laptops, but
they do have one unique feature: SIM card protection. One of the useful feature
is that you can set Prey to SMS the phone number of any new SIM that is
inserted into your phone to another number. So even if a thief replaces the SIM
card, you’ll have the new phone number you can use to report at the same time,
track the calls made with that phone.

5.       Finally, the moment  you noticed that
your phone or laptop is been stolen, just log in to your account and click on
missing and the tracker will begin to take snapshots, and details of the thief ;
immediately, you will receive the reports in your email account.

Track the thief and keep your device safe and secured. Don’t forget to ask question where you seems to be confuse.

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23 thoughts on “#5 Steps on How To Easily Track Your Phone, Laptops or Tablets When Stolen – Catch The Thief”

  1. Yomiiiiiii tank you for this ooo. I must confess i have been looking for something like this for a very long time after loosing 3 of my Android phones to 'Thief'. I am now configuring the app on my Android phone. Will update you about it sir!

  2. Good.. Good and Good! i just can't beleive what i am reading here, a guy told me last week to bring 5k to that for my Hp Laptop but i posted it till next week. Tank God i hav'nt pay. Yomii you are the Boss

  3. Yomi prof, am reali api dat i cn finally make a comment on ur blog bcos am a novice on dis. Tnx 4 all d info coz av gain alot of xperience abt mobile dis blog. Thumb up bro!

    • if prey is not instal on your system before your system was stolen, then their is nothing to track. Prey act as invisible even to system owners.

  4. for those asking if magic sim is still working. i activated a sim last week thursday by sending 2h to 131. mtn didnt send me any successful message oo. i left the sim for 24hrs and inserted into my phone and mtn sent me a message that i av used 0minute(s) of my subscription. i conected bt there was no internet access and i waited for like 2hrs in anger i removed the sim and threw it away. that was on saturday. this morning i decided to just try the sim if it will work. THE THING WORK SHALL AND I AV NO MB BONUS. E BE LIKE SAY NA MAGICAL SIM OOOOO. THIS MAGIC MUST NOT STOP. THOUGH I NORMALLY DONT LIKE FREE THINZ BUT I LIKE THIS ONE! THUMPS UP PROF YOMI.

  5. prof Yom, pls for d prey on android fon,pls teach me more on hw 2 set it up n use it. is it d SIM dat was in d fon dat I will send txt to "GO PREY" or which? if it's d SIM, wat if d thief has quick remove d SIM. wat do I do?

    • Prey on androd phone works like magic. It allow you to track your phone whenever your phone is missing or some one stole it.
      It will automally send you to number of the person that stole the phone.

      How Can i Activate Prey on My Android Phone?

      1. Download Prey for mobile from this link http://preyproject.com/download

      2. Install it and follow all the instruction.
      3. After installation, you will be prompted to log on to their site for other settings which is very important.
      Other steps on this looks similar to that of Pc above as posted! Feel free to ask if you don't understand

    • It is very easy to track, you will just log on to your account on Prey site Here
      And activate stolen alert. Immediately your system will begin to take photo shots of the thief and get it emailed to you with their current location.

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