#9 Easy Steps On How To Enable WhatsApp On Your PC

WhatsApp is a chat application which is gradually gaining dominion in the
emerging world of  chating platform. It
has unique  features, functions and  its graphics makes it stand out from other chat applications. I can boldly tell you that I visit WhatsApp more than BBM.
Though it’s  being considered an ideal
replacement for 2go but still rubbing shoulders with Blackberry Messenger.

As long as I’m concern, 2go is a low level application where whatsapp is
standing. But currently, WhatsApp don’t run on system; so we decided to devise
a means on how it can work on system.

How Can I Run Whatsapp On My System?

Download BlueStacks
application here

Bluestacks Is an Android application
player that enables you run applications ranging from  Java  tablets on system. In
order words, whatever apps run on your android can also run on your system with
the aid of this app

Games and applications from your
Smartphone’s or

Install the application and wait for couples of
minute to download the app run time during installation.
Make sure you have a working phone number because you
will be sent a confirmation sms to that number to activate your WhatsApp
Once you have successfully install the app Bluestacks on your PC, click on the search icon at the top right corner of your screen
Enter the keyword “whatsapp” in the search box and
click find.
Choose Whatsapp Messenger
After successfully installing whatsapp messenger on
bluestacks, configure your whatspp with your phone number
Insert your Phone number in the provided space and follow
the acivation instructions.
Enter your 6 digits activation code and your whatsapp
is ready for use.

You can now enjoy your favorite app chatting with friends directly from
your system.

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11 thoughts on “#9 Easy Steps On How To Enable WhatsApp On Your PC”

  1. It won't work on all computers because it needs a 2gig physical space. it doesn't work on mine anyways. but thanks.

    • Which means that u are using ur phone as a modem to ur system? But it does'nt have anything to do with dat. Just download the app on net and follow the above procedures. Already, whatsapp work on c3 nokia phones.

  2. pls yomi i wnt 2 knw if d mtn magic sim can stil b activated weda 56k or 34k or is it stil only 128k sim cos my sim is 128k n its an old sim yet i tried 2 activate d 2H for 131 but my money wasnt deductd plz i wnt to knw if it has stoppd


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