Mtn is Dishing Out Free GB

I can’t guarantee you if this tweak is going to be for
everybody or not but if you are lucky enough, you will get what I’m about to
post here and if you are not, maybe your sins are just too much on mtn server.  A friend just sent me this message this
evening and at first, I doubted it but something pushed me to check one of my mtn pulse sim; low and behold, I saw 1.5GB. I don’t know how it happened and i don’t want to know how.

You don’t need to do anything before you get the 1.5GB, just
check your balance by dialing *559# and you might be lucky to be one of the
beneficiary for this extra data that has been blazing since morning.
If you didn’t get it yet, I’ll suggest you wait for your
turn perhaps before tomorrow morning or load #100 on your sim and make sure you
are on mtn Pulse then recheck your balance.
Mind you, it works all device including iPhone, Nokia etc.
All thanks go to chucks my guy.
Meanwhile, Openvpn, Sandwich and tweakwarevpn are still blazing with #0.0.
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    • Create a New Connection Profile on your modem with as the Access Point New (APN) then connect to the Internet.

      ==>Download Tweakwarevpn here

      ==> Extract it to your desktop
      ==>Sign up for a free acct here

      configure your tweakware vpn as follows:
      1. On the Main screen, Select any server from the drop-down list and tick protocol "TCP".

      2. Click Settings and fill in your Tweakware VPN Username and Password

      3. Make sure "use proxy for tcp" is NOT ticked. (untick it if it is).

      4. Tick on "R.Port For Connect" and Enter 5222 OR 554 in the box beside it.
      Now go back to the Tweakware VPN Main Screen and Click on Connect. Wait till it successfully connects, then set your Browsers and Internet applications to use No Proxy.

      If it takes too long for the Tweakware VPN to connect right-click on the "connecting…" button and click force disconnect then reconnect.

  1. prof pls help me unlock huawei modem have try it severl times but isnt working out for me"
    Model No. : E173u-1
    IMEI : 861976007236846

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