What You Don’t Know About Techno R7 Android Device

I’m not the kind of review person but I think I love what I just
saw, touched and then play around with. Those of you who are still thinking of
what type of smartphone  to buy, I think
by the time you finish reading this review, you’ll like it.

I was just playing around with my friend techno R7, what I saw
was amazing and a tempting but I’m not willing to yield to. It’s one of the latest
device in the market and it spec looks so nice.
Do you know..
==> That you can answer any call by waving your hands over
the screen of your Tecno R7?
==>Did you know that you can unlock the screen of this
device via a simple voice command?
==>Did you know 
that Techno R7  comes with Powerful
Multi-task feature
that enables you watch videos while doing other things
like sending messages, pinging, etc all at the same time.

The Tecno R7 operates on  an Android 4.2
Jelly Bean
and it has the OTA (over the air) update now
available, which you can easily  upgrade.
You get loads for storage-ROM of 16GB and RAM of 2GB.
The MicroSD is expandable, up to 32GB. 3.75G Network, Dual SIM
Dual Standby, Gmail, Google Maps.
With a screen resolution of 720×1280 and density of 320 dpi,
watching movies/videos on the Tenco R7 is a dream.
I’ll strongly recommend this device for those who want to
blog from their mobile device because the graphic resolution and speed is just
too wow.
Data Subscription For R7

This is a question every user of this device will always ask
because android mobile doesn’t only consume data but sucks data with 10
different straws. I’ll strongly advice you go for Mtn Night plan which gives
you 4.5gb and  you can easily use also
during the day.
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32 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Techno R7 Android Device”

    • Sorry Mr George, I taught I answered every questions in that thread. Maybe yours skipped my eyes. Sorry about that. If you dnt mind, drop it here

  1. The best plan for android is glo 3gig at 1k. It is done by cloning a bb phone with an android phone. To learn how to do it call or whatsapp 07035776850

    • For those who have been asking questions on this glo 3Gig on android at 1k, the method I use is called BB cloning with android phone, which is made possible using LUHN algorithm to manipulate and inject bb IMEI into a droid. This is no cheat and hence cant be blocked coz blocking it means blocking all blackberry phones too.It cant be seen anywhere online and works flawlessly, I charge a token of 5h for the procedures and integration of the IMEI into glo database. Those in Anambra state can come to Awka to get it, while others should call or Whatsapp 07035776850 now for a copy! Note: a rooted droid is required!

    • All this grammar just to make glo works on android? na wa oooo. If you can't drop it here free of charge, then keep it to yourself.

      Yomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Do something about this glo ish oo

  2. Ok prof. Good morning. I've always been around here. But sometimes when i commented it won't show up. Prof my question is, i was asking the best unlocker to unlock etisalat E303 modem. I wl be glad if you can embed the download link on the comment box.. Hopefully waiting for your reply!

  3. Hello mr yomi, pls what is the subscription code for the airtel 1.5gb and it price? Also can it work on my andriond tethering it to my pc. Thanks inadvance.

    • It my memory anonym,
      The R7 has a 2,430mAh Li-Ion removable battery that can last for a full day under normal usage but if you are on 3G data network and use your phone at all times, you will have to carry an extra battery or charger.

    • Pls Prof I don't seem to be able to browse with my 3.5gb remaining data of MTN night …even with all the softwares that enables it.The OpenVPN u released then too is not working.Pls,help out …don't let this MTN milk me dry.Abegi Niooo

  4. OTA without update is still de same thing and I need the kernel source code for develepers to work with and also has the hard ware improved cause my phantom A+ did not last upto 6 months

  5. Prof…..pls i need the procedure on how i can flash my android tablet. This is the description of the tablet:

    Product Description
    Model : All winner A10 3G Phone
    Adobe Flash: Flash10.3
    Android O/S: Android 4.0
    Capacitive: 7inch 800×480 pixel capacitive multi-points touch screen
    CPU: All winner A10 Cortex A8-1.2GHz Mali 400
    RAM: 1GBDDR3
    Interior Storage: 8GB
    Touching panel capacitive touching screen and touch key
    G-senor: yes, (360 degree&12 bit)
    Camera: Front 1.3MP & Back 2.0MP
    WIFI :Yes, 802.11b/g/n
    Bluetooth: Yes(2.1&3.0)
    3G: Support, directly use SIM call
    Battery 3500mAh

    Please i will really appreciate, if you can send me the step by steps procedure on how i can flash it and the site i can download the extact software require to do it. Tanks

    • Go to settings, netwrk and navigate to mobile hotspot. Power it on, set your username and password and save. Then go toue pc, network bar and you shld see ur mobile hotspot netwk available dir. Click to connect.

  6. prof good eve, my phantom A+ is giving me probs, i rooted it and it worked fine afterwards, so i den collected an app dat helps me move apps which are on phn to mem card so dat my RAM can be free. So i mistakenly moved a system app named 'android system' so d phone started unstoping booting, den i tried removing d ba3 fixed it bck bt it was still d same. So i den tried restoring factory settings without backing up which i did bt der was no change, so i tried safe mode boot bt der was no response pls im just stuck on dis tecno screen, pls what can i do i really need ur help?


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