Airtel or Mtn Data Plan – Which Is Your Best Bet

I know this is a burning Sunday morning, and I can bet that
Real Madrid fans are yet to recover from last night victory; now I can boldly
say “Keep Calm & Hala Ma Drid” to those who successfully

stream directlyfrom their Blackberry or Android/iPhone.

Now that every plan seems to be getting normal with our old
beloveth Airtel Bis, and since most peeps are still finding data subscription
as a major challenge most especially iPhone/iPad users who pay heavily for data usage
as  OpenVpn with MTN Night plan seems to
be a major disadvantage on this device.
However, I’ve got good news for you this morning only if you
are part of the anointed one with Airtel lucky sim. The new plan introduced by
Airtel telecom works like the old Airtel 2months subscription but with one month
charges (giving you 4gb for the old), but you need to be sure you are part of those
eligible before you make that subscription. To know if you are eligible, dial
*440*111# and the next result you see will determine the way forward.
Android and PC users who are finding it difficult to cope
with Mtn Night plan working or not working during the day can now choose to go
back to Airtel Bis 1.5k plan that gives 1.5gb. It is now stable with normal
data charge. I have personally confirmed this before bringing it here; no more
excessive  data charges again. This will
work well on your iPad. But if you are lucky, the new bis plan may work out
well for you.
I currently use Glo bis on my Blackberry 10 device which i tethered to every other device sometimes, and then i have an active data subscription on my Airtel sim plus an undisclosed means of surfing the net with a miniature koboless charges…lol! I can tell you that Glo rocks well for me cause of it’s speed of acceleration when it comes to download; but i don’t know about you. Let me know your intake on this new Airtel plan.
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23 thoughts on “Airtel or Mtn Data Plan – Which Is Your Best Bet”

  1. Prof, good morning please can I use this Glo BIS on my BB OS 7 device (Bold 9900). I mean tether it to my other devices using the BB?

    • Adam garba, mine doesn't take too much data at allll. First of all, what data plan are using on your bb10. Secondly, did you deactivate "window automatic update" on your PC?

  2. I think i'm going to try this airtel ish but i still prefer this Glo bis hotspoting it to my iPad cos it fast here. Tnx Yomi for this update again.

  3. I have tried the airtel 1.5k, it's now stable. but 1.5Gb is not enough for me in one week. goshhhh need some tweak guys… how about glo BIS without bb10 no other way to browse with it on laptop and android?

    • In one week? Ah! Is it downloading stuff dat consume it or what. Glo bis only works with bb10. I tried it on ma android bt it didn't wk.

    • hello Garba, if your system is Window7, go to start menu ==>Control Panel==>System &Security==>Window update.

      Click on "Change Settings" by the left handside, and set it to "Never check for update". That's all. It won't be zapping your Mb again.

  4. I subscribed for mtn night plan and it works fine.. only to find out my bbm app no longer works. I tried everything possible but pings won't go tru nor receive any pings or updates. why is this and is there a solution to this?

    • Yes, dir is a solution. Create a new apn:
      Password and username : web
      Save it and set it as your default.

      It will work after then.

  5. Hi yomi, m on d mtn weekend plan..i just exhaustd my xtra data ysnyt n startd wt d main one..d issue is i can not ping wt d main plan and i noticed i cud only acess facebook frm my browsers. Other sites dont go again…wat do u tink i cn do…..

  6. hello yomi, Is it true that the Glo BIS works on andriod????

    Is the airtel 1.5gb stable? Cus my own got exhausted in 10days, im afraid of airtel

    • Yes, it works but location base. It doesn't work in some locations.
      Wow…! the airtel 1.5gb is stable now. How did you exhaust it in 10days? did you download?


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