New Malware Discovered in Google Play Store

Another Malware has been discovered in Google Playstore
despite the facts that it is the most secured store to download apps for
I don’t know how this malware nicodemously creep in to
Google Playstore but it has infected more than 40 applications on Google
playstore and more than 400 applications on unofficial app store. It is called

What this specific type of malware does is, it creates a
so-called botnet. The attackers are able to use infected devices to route
traffic through them. In the case of DressCode, Check Point says, the hackers
only used it to generate false ad clicks and traffic, thus collecting ad
revenue. However, a botnet can be used for much more serious attacks, such as
gaining access to company servers and files.
Even though the malware is used to route traffic for invalid
clicks of ad revenue, you still have the responsibility of making sure such
kind of malware doesn’t run in the background of your device, otherwise it will
affect your device performance.
Always make sure that your Android device have the latest
security patch installed and always be careful of what you download in apps store.

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7 thoughts on “New Malware Discovered in Google Play Store”

  1. I don't know why people easily get fooled by some secrete organisations or group of people. .. Prof tell me are google not responsible for issuing ads services to Android platform? Jst bkos Dresscode decided no
    t to use google ads service they are now being called "malware" Prof even ur site contains ads so u see without ads how can u get paid for all ur effort to the people? Dresscode saw that Google ads service isn't meeting up with their demands that was why they make a move and mind you Dresscode is a Nigerian app develop in ur country, so if they like let dem say is "gigaware" na him I dey use till date patronise ur made in Naija app less dependant from the white people for every app, soon they will call AbokiForeX app a malware"…

    AbokiForex is an app were we get to know the latest price of foreign currencies instead of depending on google search engine to convert it for us soon dey will call it a "malware" too just watche-out….its a matter of time.

    • You seem to get this wrong. Imain if you subcribed just to download a file of 1.4gb and this useless male are or per say adware started it's fake click mechanism using your data plan and ended up using 49mb when you had 1448mb. Remember you need to download a file of 1400mb now won't that cos you to subscribe again or start begging that's if it's judiciously using your mb. Also remember that this malware is making use of your computing resources all without your consent.

    • malware

      – (British) (IPA): /ˈmæl.weə(ɹ)/

      noun (uncountable)
      – (computing) Software which has been designed to operate in a malicious, undesirable manner.
      translations (software developed to cause harm to a computer system)

      You just dey rant for nothing. You don't even know what a malware is. I bought an app on playstore & paid never to see annoying ads so i can concentrate on the app. But some wicked idiots designed an app to make the ads even more annoying. Is that what you'd wish to patrionize?

      I noticed that malware on my tecno phone, in less than 10mins, i noticed 3 apps installed.These apps are not even accessible via menu. Isnt that criminal?

      U'r here ranting anyhow


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