Best Cheapest Data Plan For All Devices in September 2016

Hello Guys, we all know that data is important… but it is
more interesting when you discover that you can get affordable data at a more
cheaper price than you expect.  Regardless
of who you are, what you are, and where you are, there is always a data plan
that suite you. My job is to make sure you get the best cheapest and fastest
data plan ever. 

Fasten your seat belt because I’m about
to take you on a flight that will last you  for 31 days before you reach your destination. 

This will be long but just scroll to
the one that suite you.
Best Data Plan for Ordinary Data Users
The only thing that is new about MTN in September is their current double offer promo. You don’t even need to tweak your IMEI before you get this promo offer.
The only thing for you to do, is to put any of your MTN sim card into a newly
enable 3G/4G smartphone and you’ll get this message below
to MTN Family… enjoy 100% data bunus for 6months.
 With this double data offer, if you buy 3.5GB data for N2000, you’ll be given 7GB for good 6 months.
if you can’t get your hand on any new phone, kindly tweak your IMEI to any
new 3G/4G new phones and you are good to go. See how you can tweak your IMEI
Glo N0.0 free browsing has been around for quite some weeks and some of you are
already rocking it but for those who don’t know, you can also be part of them.
Glo balance must be 0.00
3G network
to Set up Glo N0.0 With QueenCee VPN
of all, send an sms
PAYU to 127. You will receive a reply that you are using data as
Pay As U Go to browse.
>>Download QueenCee VPN
Just change only APN to any of the APNs
» glosecure
» glounlimitedzone
» gloflat

your QueenCee VPN and set it as follows;
Front Query:
Back Query: %[email protected]
Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Server Type: default
Port: 8080
Tap the Save button
a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on
the option to Tunnel Whole Device.

To go to More Options, kindly swipe from left to right on the Main page.
You will see VPN Settings and VPN Options. Tap on VPN Options and untick
Through An HTTP.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands. Go back now to the main
page of the QueenCee VPN and tap the Start button, wait for few seconds for it
to Connect.

to Set Up Glo N0.00 Free browsing with Latest Tweakware VPN
Send PAYU to 127 and wait for the message
your Glo APN to the below;
APN Settings
» APN: glounlimitedzone
» APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
» Proxy: leave it blank
» Port: leave it blank
Download or upgrade to the latest version of tweakware vpn
» On the Tweakware VPN, go to Settings
» Click on Bundle Settings
» Tick Enable Bundle Settings
» Select Bundle Settings >> select (NG Glo) 0.0#
Here is the Simple Trick You Need to Apply
» Go back to Settings
» Click Server Settings
» Click Connection Mode Options
» Now tap on HTTP Host,
» Then clear and input

Go back to your Tweakware VPN app menu, select free server if you don’t
have premium account yet and hit the connect button.

to  Set up Etisalat Free Browsing N0.00
With  QueenCee VPN

You can also use Queencee VPN  to surf on
your Etisalat  with 0.00, but you’ll need
to apply common sense to bypass the 60MB capped.
1. Etisalat sim with 0.00 balance with no data on it
2. Your Android phone
3. Queencee Vpn

APN Settings
APN: etisalat
Username and password, leave
them empty

Settings on QueenCee
Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Server Type: Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Port: 8080
Tap on Save button.

How to use more than 60MB
If you reached the 60MB data allocated to that proxy server, kindly replace the
proxy server with any of the server below;

Proxy server:

Proxy server:

Proxy server:

Repeat the same as posted on Glo, and you are good
to go.
Data Plan Users
Airtel Nigeria is currently offering cheap and affordable data subscription but
it is sim selective. The offer gives you 6GB for N1500 and it works on all
Do I Know if I’m Eligible?
If you are eligible,  just go ahead and recharge your line with
N1,500 and rock the plan.
Airtel Blackberry Plan on Android Devices:
Airtel Blackbery Plan of 3GB for N1000 is
still rocking very well on Android devices but the free offer of 1GB for new
Airtel sim has been stopped. See how to make it work on your Android device

Etisalat: Instead of subscribing directly to
Etisalat data plan, you can easily easily get from a reliable third party
vendo, theirs doesn’t zap and it last longer than expected.
Check here for more info
Best Data Plan For Heavy Downloaders
heavy downloaders, the best is to have it unlimited. And no network in
Nigeria for now gives you unlimited. Unlimited plans have all been scrapped
including Airtel unlimited night plan. But you can get 15GB
with just N500
for Airtel night plan.
Night Plan:
Airtel recently introduced these night
plan 1.5GB for N50 and
500MB for N25. The plan replaced the unlimited Night plan.
Can I Get The Airtel Night Data plan
must migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# then reply with 1
Kindly Dial *312#
Reply with 2 for N500 For 1GB (7 days)
Reply with 3 for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 (Night Plan 12am – 5am)
Reply with 4 for N200 for 200mb + 30Min call (Weekend: Sat and Sun)
is the trick on how to get 15GB for N500.
for 1.5GB for N50, once you exhaust it, subscribe again until you are satisfied
with your download.
Data Plan For 4G Network Data Users
don’t too talk much on 4G because it is not yet available in every state but
for the time been, it will be available in all state.
is currently offering unlimited lite monthly data plan for just N10,000 for these
states; Asaba, Benin City, Ibadan, Onitsha and Kaduna. If you are in that
state, you can give it a shot.

time, I’ll list all the 4G network data plan and the cheapest among them.
And always
remember this formula, SLOW  NETWORK
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  1. Yomiprof,about the airtel 3gb BIS Plan, wana know if those of using a new sim card whether we should migrate to another airtel plan to enjoy the 3gb cos i am afraid to load airtime with *555* or *126* as we do wen we still enjoyed the 4gb bis plan on my airtel line and be given 6000 naira bonus with zero balance?

    • No, no need to migrate to any plan. Just subscribe with *431# and the 3GB will be active. But make sure you've successfully change your android imei. Load your airtime normally with 126*

  2. Morning sir but the Airtel night plan is not as stable as it sounds…. Sometimes it doesn't work after they suck your credit and most times they suck your credit when its workin its highly unreliable….

  3. Prof Yomi ,I just bought an Airtel line today. what is d best Airtel data plan + call tariff ? how can I enjoy free airtime and bonus on d new line?


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