Airtel Scrap Hourly Unlimited Night Plan, Introduced 1.5GB For N50 & Lot More…

Airtel Night plan introduced few months ago has been one of
the best data plan for unlimited download and it has been saving heavy downloaders
since 1900BC. You’ll all bear me witness that you have enjoyed unlimited 1hour uninterrupted download with N100 and 2hours unlimited download with N200 but it
seems the big boys Airtel are not too comfortable with that, hence deem it fit
to scrap the unlimited.

And replace it with 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 valid
for one single night at the Hour of 12:00AM – 5AM.
The new Airtel Night plan which offers you 500MB for N25 and
1.5GB for N50″ looks  some similar
to that MTN Night plan which offers you 500MB for N25. No matter how cheap it
is, you can’t compare it with Unlimited Nigh Plan.
Airtel also introduced 1GB for N500 which is valid for 1week
and N200 for 200MB + 30Min Airtel calls weekend offer and free 15mb for 7days
when you recharge with N200.
How Can I Get This Offer?
You must Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# then
reply with 1
How To Subscribe For Airtel  1.5GB for N50, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500
1. Kindly Dial *312#
2. Reply with 2 for N500 For 1GB (7 days)
3. Reply with 3 for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 (Night Plan 12am – 5am)
4. Reply with 4 for N200 for 200mb + 30Min call (Weekend: Sat and Sun)
Note that call tariff on SmartTrybe feature 11k/s calls
charges for all national networks (N6.60K/min)
Now heavy downloaders, do you think this new tariff is
favorable to you? I love data, but I cherish it more when it is unlimited.
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24 thoughts on “Airtel Scrap Hourly Unlimited Night Plan, Introduced 1.5GB For N50 & Lot More…”

  1. For God sake, when will ntel come to Enugu? I seriously need to test this 4G of a thing. Airtel no try for this unlimited scrapping. they have failed the city.

  2. Manageable, Prof after complain by so many people I tried to risk by activating airtel 3G after exhausting my 2G bundle but to my greatest surprise it didn't browse at all checked my balance still intact, I quickly call AIRTEL CC to lodge my complain promised to refund my airtime and directed me to another plan which 1500 for 3G saying the one of 1k for 3G is not working again, but was able to sub just that it not browsing any idea YP

  3. Hi Prof, please what's wrong with Nigerian Banks/Cards? I wanted to download a K-Dramazy which is almost 200 Episodes, so I decided to go for Tweakware Premium. I tried so hard to subscribe online because a guy told bank/offline payment is going to take up to 2 days to process and the download is urgent.
    Later I tried paying from Tweakware website using voguepayment but after inserting all my details, it tells me I have to obtained OTP, and later back to playstore they keep telling me to "correct this card info and try again" please help me.

  4. I saw this last while trying to activate the unlimilted plan. When I tried it I got this reply that unsuccessful, this plan is not available on your plan. So I decided to call customer care who told me that its not active yet but when it is I'll get a text to that effect.

  5. Hello people, i want to understand how the Etisalat unlimited with tweakware works, I've been hearing that you can get at least 6gb from both monthly, weekly and daily plan… Is it that the monthly own is caped on 6gb or is it really unlimited the whole month of monthly subscription

  6. So I tried this plan last night it didn't work, but it worked the previous night. It seems they are just testing the package. I don't really know what is wrong with airtel. If they can't fund this package, they shouldn't bother test running it in the first place.


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