Special Priviledge Offer: Get Airtel 6GB For N1,500

Data is becoming cheaper every day and I love to even see more
cheaper data plans. Airtel NG have decided to come out with an excellent data
offer to challenge the grand master of data glo. Not too long ago, they unleashed
2GB for N200 but only work with Edge, in which those who subscribed to

it have
been unable to fully opt out of the plan.

They call it Special privilege offer, meaning they don’t
want you to spend much money on buying data. Now, you can get 6GB for N1,500… 
How Can I Get This Plan?
Dial *440*161#
To check for your data
balance at any time, simply dial *123*10#
Will it Work on my
Yes, it will work
on every device, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc without any IMEI
What if I’ve
Subscibed to 2GB for N200 Before?
It will still work
on the SIM.
Atleast in some
major locations, Airtel speed faster than baba glo slow…
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46 thoughts on “Special Priviledge Offer: Get Airtel 6GB For N1,500”

  1. I need ONLY 2 people that has GLO sim to drop there number here and i will share my data with the 2 number.

    Abeg no be by force oooo and PLEASE remember just 2 people
    my data is wasting and it will expire if not use thats the reason.

  2. OOPS!!! Came late to the party. Seems Mr Nelson has left a pattern we MAY follow — sharing one's "UNUSED/EXCESS" data with Yomites here than to allow it waste or expire.
    BTW Oga Yomi, i did as you said concerning the "snail-speed-downloading" am experiencing on my rooted phone. I unrooted it but the problem still persist. I've rooted it again with Kingroot, so seems i haven't discovered the problem yet.
    Also, my AVG is classifying the latest Kingroot i installed as "PUP"–Potentially Unwanted Programme". I forced the Antivirus to "ignore" it sha.

  3. BTW Prof, what's the usefulness of "BusyBox"? Downloaded this when i rooted the phone simply because "ROM Manager" is demanding for it.
    Morealso, please, kindly open a thread where you can analyse/expasiate on Apps to have on a rooted phone and their USEFULNESS because, personally, i find it difficult to have a Custom ROM on my phone because there are so many Apps on playstore with same name — do i even know its usefulness? Hehehe. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Busy box is a binary full of utilities that enable root apps perform some actions like system remount and so on. if you download the app and open then you can install the binary and uninstall the if you so wish. I personally use stericson(not sure of the spelling) because must developers use it during development.

  4. Nonsense!!!!!!!!!! Yomiprof, where do you get all this post from? I just wasted my N1500 subscribing to Airtel BB Complete plan, it is not N15000, it is N1200 and the MB is not 6GB, it is just 3GB!!!!!!!!

    Abeg, please next time, try testing it out!!!!

    Scam!!! AIRTEL 6GB for N1500 is a SCAM!!!!!

  5. Your Airtel BB 1+1 Unlimited plan is active. Re-insert your battery.This plan is for BB devices only.Experience and charging may differ in case of other devices……This is what I got after subscription. My N1500 is gone.

  6. Your Balances are BB Plan: 6144MB till 04-Sep.
    Android: 0MB till 19-Aug.
    Bonus: 684MB till 17-Aug.
    .Dial *141# to buy data plans…….this was sent to me when I check my balance.


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