Thank You For Being Part of Our 2014

I want to sincerely appreciate everyone who has made it
through with me this year 2014. Its not been easy, I had my ups and my downs… I
offended people, step on toes, some even deleted me on Facebook, unfollow me on
twitter, some even try to hack my gmail account, rant on every social media;
but in all this things, I am grateful. And to those I offended, I’m sorry. 

I want to thank,,,, promoblog, Marcjoe,
Thodfci and you reading this right now, for making it worthwhile. I may not
mention your name but you are worth more than a million dollar.
Blogging in 2014 wouldn’t have been interesting, gearing
without you reading again and again. Blogging would have been clueless,
indolent and boring without you reading my awful, disgusting  but informative write up. I must really say,
I value you all and I’m grateful.
I know I had lots of unanswered questions from most blog
comments, not because I don’t want to answer them or perhaps maybe they are
weird… but I thank you for your understanding.
This year 2014, I learnt a lot of things and I’m briefly
going to give a recap of what actually helped me succeed in blogging this year.
I’m not a full time blogger, yet I can’t deny the fact that I made money
blogging this year without AdSense. I blog because I love it and to help people
and that alone keeps me going.
==>You: You all made me succeed… Without readers, every
single energy invested in blogging is nothing but a complete waste; so you made
me succeed. Thank you!
==>Affliliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing has actually
helped me a lot this year even though it looks as if there is no any affiliate
link on this blog. Konga Affiliate rocks… Do you know during the Yakata sales,
people actually bought products via my site worth Millions and I guess you know
what commission will pop into my account? So if you don’t have any affiliate
link on your blog, I’ll advice you take advantage of affiliate marketing in the
year 2015.
==>Inbound links: Some companies actually advertise on my
blog via links and it actually fetch me some money. Not just that but some actually
place a linked article on my blog and it actually helped.
In all, there are more I can’t list but if you are a blogger
and you’ve not earn a dime from your blog, relax and keep blogging, don’t quit,
work more on your seo ranking because some day, it’s going to pay off. 
In the word of the wise, if I had by any means gone farther
this year 2014, It’s because you reading this right now stood with me shoulder
to shoulder. Please, if you have any questions at all you wanna ask me, do that
using the comment box, I’m going to answer every questions because no carry
over till next year.
I’m glad you came into play and you are still in play… See
you in the next page, 2015!
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26 thoughts on “Thank You For Being Part of Our 2014”

  1. That's so touching Yomi. 2014 has really been great and brief too. With so many happenings both the good and bad.

    But above all, we have God to thank for everything. And am happy we all made it to the end of the year.

    From me, its a year with happiness, love, more knowledge and fulfilment of personal desires come 2015.

    Happy New Year in Advance.

    Uche Francis

      First of all, you need to sign up for konga affiliate after which your account will be reviewed and approved. once approved, get your affilate link from Konga affiliate dashboard>>>login to your blogger dashboard>>>Click on Layout>>>Add a gadget>>> Html/Javascript gadget. it will open, you can then place your konga affiliate code inside and then save.

      You said your comment box keep showing verification, and you don't want verification. If you own a Blogspot blog, you can edit the "Comment Form Message" via "Settings" > "Posts and Comments" to inform your readers to sign in if they want to comment anonymously without having to enter the verification code.

  2. prof… you've been der @ each and every point in time… wish you more strength, more wisdom and more of God's grace in d new year… abeg i need crack for kaspersky or Eset antivirus… will be so glad if you can help.. this is my mail: [email protected]… thanks

  3. Thank you for your regular info.
    Please, I mistakenly deleted my google play services after rooting my Xperia phone. I did re-install the app but my google play store refuse to download since then,. What can i do?


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