Glo Magic Sim Reloaded – Browse Unlimited For Life

This is one of the hottest tweak for
Jan 2014 and I won’t hesitate to post the complete tutorial here because no
tweak last forever. Before it will be blocked, it’s better to have your own
share of the national cake.

Why You Should Activate Glo Magic
==>The speed is super amazing
==>It works on all devices except an
infected blackberry phone.
==>It opens all kinds of application
both on PC and Mobile.
==>It’s unlimited download
==>Better replacement for Etisalat

How Can I Activate Magic Sim Reloaded?
If you still have your glo sim in your
wallet, dust it and follow the simple steps below.
1.       Get  two glo sim and insert the first in your
modem while the second in a touch light nokia phone
2.       Recharge
Sim 2(the one in your phone with) #1000 naira airtime, then  dial *127*53# to subscribe for this package or
send 53 to 127.
3.       Once
you subscribe to this plan, don’t browse with it or else you kiss your money
goodbye; and if you are on android please turn of your data.
4.       From
Sim 2 (the sim you subscribed the 1000 plan on) dial this code *127*01*the second
number on your modem Sim 1# e.g *127*01*08072222222#. If this is successfully
done, you will receive a success data share transfer to your sim 1.
Browse for some minutes on your
sim1 and then dial this code on Sim 2 (the sim on nokia torch) *127*02*number of the sim in your modem#

It is not compulsory you use modem to
do this ooo. You can share the data on Sim 2 to more than one glo sim.
And if you don’t have 1000, you can drop your glo line so that those who succeed in activating can transfer to you.
Enjoy it
while it last.
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165 thoughts on “Glo Magic Sim Reloaded – Browse Unlimited For Life”

  1. Pls bros i need to crack a modem but the problem is that i don't have the software to the modem again although is all these starcomm land phone modem HUAWEI ETS2558 will it be possible to crack it so i can use other sim in it for receiving callz at home

    when i insert other sim what i see is that its searching for network
    but there is no software to recognize on my system

  2. Pls i need to crack a modem but i don't have the software again although the modem is all these Starcomm land phone ETS2558 (3gCDMA) is there a way i can crack it if i can not find the software, i have searched through the internet but could not get it
    when i insert other sim into it, it will show searching for network but no software to access from my pc.
    i will be grateful if you can assist me thank you

  3. Guys even #100 will work instead of waisting 1k, so long as it's successfully transfered to another line, it will browse flawlessly.

  4. Mr Yomi, this is why I hate this your blog with passion. You think everything is about making money and drawing traffic abi? Do you know that this cheat has been in process since last year october? And we bloggers kept it quiet. Its not like we dont pity poor Nigerians but the truth of the matter is that once you give it out to Mr A, Mr B gets it and so on and so forth. You know how much bloggers pay daily to get internet connection and update their blog. Why put it up here? Bet me, within two days, this procedure will be blocked. You claim that you are a hacker but all you do is copy and paste already made cheats. Go and check guruslodge. I had to shout on a moderator and a similar thread was taken down. The least you could have done to help them is hook them up on your own glo line and once they connect, you unhook them to save mb. O geez…. I guess yu didnt think that afar? Within 24 hrs, this post will be all over every blog in Nigeria. Foool!

    • calm your tits, he's not the only blogger with this post, it's now almost everywhere, so don't complain about his blogs. If it has been on for this long, surely if it gets blocked, something else would come out.

    • you r the big fool,u thik you can just come from nowhere and talk 2 our prof anyhow….if every nigerian was as stingy as you dis maggot,nobody go dey alive now,when cheats were created,did they say say it was for your family alone.anyways i av dignified your selfish and stupid post by replying you,you can now go back e guruslodge where they fear u,ewu gambia…………..and by the way,a cheat is a cheat,and it will eventually b blocked,and newer ones will come up…………thumbs up mr yomi prof,3 gbosas 4 u….

    • Idiot, shut up. For your information, i first saw this on Guruswizard, then on techbustop before i saw it again on Nairaland I was just wondering why Yomi didn't post this on time. He's one of the good Nigerian i have ever read of.Some people have started selling this tweak already. Haters pile up and hate this blog because he's doing good. Mtweeee!

  5. at the anonymous fool blaming mr yomi,you are selfish,imagine what you are think your blog will move?why did you open the blog?is it for fancy??please if one door should close another will open…[email protected] keep the good work going and you will never lack..thank you

  6. Hi can anybody please share me the glo internet activation I am willing to give N400 recharge card of any network. Contact me on 07065082990.

  7. Lol… Yomi thanks for ur effort i taught this was a different tweak, but i have been blazing dis tweak since last 2months i saw it on guruswizard. thanks sha, u and chiboy are the best.

  8. I can undastand yur grief @ anonymous. Smtin u av bein makin money from get into the air jus like dat. Sm tym i jus wonder wat d problem of ds country is n av bein able to gada ansas. Y wud u xplor yur fello human for smtin u didn't pay for. Life is abt give n tak. Morever, everytin is all abt luck n manipulations. Dose dt are patronizing u must b gullible. Tnx prof Yomi for sharing ds. Any1 can share me via ds glo line 08113464295. Tnx in anticipation

  9. Well, in a way the guy is right. I suggest that Prof, who is a nice and helpful guy, would have mentioned to us his followers to post our numbers and direct us on what action to take once we receive the first SMS rather than detail the whole pocedure. I just hope this lasts long enough for all to enjoy…sob, sob, sob…

  10. abeg see gobe oooooo after following the process above i shared with a glo and it was browsing but after i used *127*02*number# d browsing stopped on the other sim until i used *127*01*numb# before it started browsing again after downloading close to a gig …i was told on the touch light sim dat my stuff as expired oooo…..please help how many gig una don download with yours and if yours dey work wella send me oooo….08076947845>>>>my mail is [email protected]

  11. Please Yomiprof dont mind that good for nothing ANONYMOUS guy. He is amongst the most foolish, self centered, selfish, sellfgoat and empty headed idiots we have in nigeria. He thinks he can arrogate knowledge to himself and his cohorts alone. Let him come out of his anonymous state and we shall all consume him…i remain loyal to yomiprof for life…YOMIPROF IS SPECIAL!


    What you expect…
    – It browses at the speed 7.2mb/s.
    – It works on all device except a blackberry phone.
    – It works on both PC and Mobile device.
    – Once configured, you can use till you loose your sim.
    – It cost you only a token to configure the glo magic sim


  13. I Testify that there is no God but Allah, and prophet Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.
    I testify that this cheat is working as of 11:37AM, 9th January 2014.

  14. 08116695611

    Yomi this is wat I wanted to share with you while I ask you to call me or watsapp me.
    All good and well.
    Anyone willing to share me…pls do so

    This is how the stuff works for those who dnt know how it works

    Once you disconnect your device, you will need to reactivity it back, so browse while it lasted


    Yomi, hit me on wechat bro

  15. Please is the Glo still working? or the ones that were successful b4 are the one still working? Cos it has stopped here oo, once i send the 2nd code it stops working on the sim in the modem

  16. Pls Oga Yomi i have tried this cheat so many times and is not working pls can i use the sim in the touch light phone also can anybody help me by sharing for me 07051205262 or 08111601693

  17. I just observed it this evening…Ones you remove the number, it disconnects.
    It was so sweet until it was posted online…chai!


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