BBM3 – Now You Can Have 2 BBM Pin In One Device

This is to show  the
extent Android device has useless bbm on blackberry. . . Even the original
creator of BBM cannot use dual bbm on blackberry  device but Android devices have just broke the
embargo of using only one bbm on your android device with the use of BBM3.

BBM3  is the secondary app of BBM that can be run on
the same device bbm is installed. It will allow you to have two different Pin
in one device. In short, you can run up to 5 bbm on one device. Look at the
picture below, you’ll see that it contains five different bbm on one android
device. But it all depends on what you are using it for.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll
just center around 2bbm on one device.
==>Make sure you’ve installed the original
==>Make sure you are running android 4.0
and above
Installation Guide
Download BBM3 here
Run and install it,
Sign in or Create a
new/different Blackberry ID (Recommended)
Wait until it finishes and you will have
2bbm running on one android device.
Can I run more than one bbm on Iphone/iPad
or Blackberry Device?
Ans: No, it can only be run on Android
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    • Hello Anonym, the link isworking well. once you open the link above which is zippshare, you will see download file beside the file. just click it and your download will begin


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