BBM Mod Version – Red Rose Theme

At this point, I can 90% beat my chest that everyone is busy
rocking BBM on their eligible device without any interruption except for those
whose OS is not up to 4.0.
Well this is just an updated BBM far better than the initial
you are currently running on your device.. I bet you are going to love it to
the fullest.

Can be moved to SD Card
– Added Red Rose Theme
– Latest build of BBM (
– Force All Rotation for All Layout!
– New Style Skin, Icon, Background, and Notifications!
– And Much More!
Where Can I Download It?
Download it here
Ans: Do I Have To Unistall The Normal BBM?
Ans: Yes, you have to uninstall it but before you uninstall it,
back up your bbm with titanium back up
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8 thoughts on “BBM Mod Version – Red Rose Theme

  1. Thanks yomi…right nw avin issues using my Note2 Touchwiz I.e my fone user interface instead am using Nova Launcher Application and as a result I can't access my play store pls help me on how to go about it

    • Hello Bassey are you saying you don't understand te interface of you note2? You mean you can't find at all where you playstore is located or it's not even on your device?

  2. Wat I mean is Yomi I can't use my Touchwiz Samsung phone user interface instead I downloaded Nova application launcher and dis launcher is preventing from accessing my play store. The problem is I can't ise my play store right now owing to my inability to ise My Touchwiz

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