Chrismas Bonanzer : Airtel Free Browsing For All

I can seriously perceive the spirit of festivity  is already here; no
wonder Airtel decided  to amaze her
subscribers by introducing a package that will allow everyone to browse the net
free of charge called Airtel  Free zone.
Friends, you can do amazing things with Airtel Free Zone such as:

==>Such as performing a search on Google and browse the
internet for free
==>Send and read emails on Gmail for free
==>Stay connected on Google+ for free.
I can simply bet that this yuletide season, you may not  be spending  a dime on data except otherwise.
How Can I Activate Airtel Zone?

==>Visit Airtel free zone from your phone internet
==>Then start searching or sign in with your Google  account to access Gmail
==>If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can
sign up here.
 Or you can simply
send Free Zone to 881 and it will be activated for you.
One amazing thing I love about this Airtel Free Zone is that
the free data usage on Free Zone is available up to a limit
of 1GB per month. Enjoy it while it last.
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20 thoughts on “Chrismas Bonanzer : Airtel Free Browsing For All”

  1. @Yomi. Thanks for the tips, but you got some of the info wrong. Firstly, all the links you posted are for airtel India. Airtel Nigeria offers the Freezone, but they just started this December, while Airtel India has been since June.

    Airtel Nigeria Freezone:

    Freezone is powered by Google, and you can only use it on phones and smartphones for Google products like Google Search, Google Plus and GMail. For more information, see:

    Also, I don't think there is a data cap.


    • Hello Richdude, thanks for the update, maybe i was in a state of quandari when i hyperlink it.
      Definitely Airtel Nigeria just started this dec and thanks for the right right link bro

    • hello Uche it's because u just sub for that package on your sim. Make sure you configure ur apn as
      Passwrd and username: internet

      Save it as your default. If it still doesn't browse after the above settings, just sub for daily 10mb by dialing this code *141*712*11# and you will be charged #100. connect and surf.


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