Airtel Bis To Stop Working On Non Blackberry Device Beginning From 3rd of Dec’ 13

Hello friends I’m not happy to announce this to you but I must
surely announce it anyway. Airtel Nigeria plan to stop the use Airtel Bis on
non BB device effective from Dec 3rd 2013. Below was the message
they sent to me.

Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013  AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you
Time: 30/11/2013 19:33:32”
So if you are still having large amount of data you’ve not
been using on your Android, iPhone/iPad or modem, just try and use up your available data on or
before 3rd of Dec. Those who have subscribe for 3months ahead, device
a way to use it up before we decide the appropriate vpn to use with it.
The truth  still
remain, there will always be a way forward.
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19 thoughts on “Airtel Bis To Stop Working On Non Blackberry Device Beginning From 3rd of Dec’ 13”

  1. I kno ds is off topic but i need sm1 to look in2 ds issue. I dont kno if am d only one experiencing ds. D issue is on MTN . I use to notice a 50 naira deduction on my acct for sm while and each time i complain to dia agents dey wl tell me to check back in anoda 24hrs to get info of my line to find out ow d money was deducted. If i call again same reply wl cntinu surfacing until i wl forget it. But ds one apns btw ysday n ds mawni. I was very furious to kno y 50 naira was deducted. I called dia agent ds mawni.. She was telling me i subscribed for yoruba learning or watever. I raised my voice dat i nvr subscribe for anytin n i kept on amourin on it. She then tod me i shu send OUT YORUBA to 35070. I was hesitating to do it @ first cos i was wondrin y i wl send out to wat i nvr send 'IN' to at 1st but i dxdd to try it since it wl end ds illegal 50 theft. I sent as directed to my surprise, dey deducted 100 naira again. I was boilin ds time, i called immediately n i tender my frustration. D guy dat pick it ds time was tellin me mayb i dint put space bla bla ..a stupid excuse. Evn if i dint do it rite, shu dat made dem to deduct a whole 100naira?? He tod me to retry it n assure me my acct won't b deducted whc i did as i was directed in d msg. I sent dat code again n behold dey deducted my acct again. Ds time ard i made an annoying call in whc a guy was at d receiving end. I was shouting furiously not only bcos of d money but bcos dey kip on sayin dey aren't responsible for ds dat mayb i sent a code or probably sm1 else did. Imagyn, dey v turned me to a kid dat doesn't kno rite or left o. I nvr subscribed for any service . I vexed my annoyance to d extent dat i tod em i wl av to put ds line in a dormant state. He tod me he wl fwd my complaint. I kno ds is my pasona problem but i wudnt kno if it is rite for mtn to b siphoning one's account wtout his/her consent. Dey wl always say dey dont av d power to unsubscribe one frm a service but dey kip on automatically subscribe one. Imagyn. Ds is bcomin network theft. Pls do prof yomi or anybody v a say on ds……………ds is my ordeal wt MTN o

  2. Those mtn people are bunch of idiots. They did dsame thing to me by automatically subscribn m to cnn news. Every month 50 naira was bn deducted from my acct until I unleash my anger on d illeterate, uncircumcised female customer care agent. It was deactivated sharply. @anoym, mtn are bunch of thiefs dats why I am equally lookn for a way to avenge bk by all means.

  3. U r lucky dey unsubscribed it for u o cos dose bunch of quack tod me dey can't dat i wl av to do it myself whc i did according to d directive i rcvd via msg but to my dismay dey deducted my credit twice. I asked dose idiots whc acct do my 200 b accounted for cos i dont kno y dey wl deduct 100 each for tryin to opt out frm service i nvr requested for. Its annoying. I wish to avenge too bro. I jus wish we cud mak ds national . In a magazine , newspaper for evry1 to see

  4. I use to read ow ppl wl b fortunate to see one freebies or d oda on dia line but av nvr bin a beneficiary of ds and yet dey will still exhort my acct. Ow i wish i cud see dia owner n vent my anger. M pissed off

  5. Go to their office and complain and wait till the issue is fixed. Many a time, customer care agents don't have the ability to do some of this stuff. They see the problem but may not be knowledgable enough or have the level right to fix them.

  6. Jeez, airtel wuld loose lots of customers for dis shit, cos i received same msg yesterday, and i curently hav 4gb data, yeparipa, shey airtel no go kill person lyk dis

  7. Don't forgive those people oooo… Go to their office and collect your money. I bet you they will still charge you 50 naira if you don't go dir.

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  9. I learn't Glo bis is working on android and they give 3.75GB for 1k, is it true? Please someone should confirm this plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  10. i know this is not so good but at least airtel was decent enough to give us a specific date unlike when mtn blocked theirs

  11. hello forumite, i just check my etisalat abandon sim now and to my greatest suprise, i saw 7500 airtime. i don 't know if this is a mistake or they sent it intentionally. did any body got this or it's only me?

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