Have You Tried Flobyt Free Wifi Services?

It will be a pain in the ass if you are reading this but you
are not in Lagos. Flobyt free Wifi
was recently launched last week by Don Jazzy (Mavin Record CEO) and Delete
Odufuye! Flobyt is a free wi-fi service recently installed across public
places such as eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafés and many more.

According to the co-founder, Flobyt is 100% free for the users and our
partner locations, all you have to do is walk in and log in. In fact, our
working slogan is ‘Don’t use your data, use ours.’
No username required, no password required… just login and download use it the way you like.
Flobyt is absolutely free for use… no payment required. In
order words, you can simply turn off your data and use this free wifi services
provided by Flobyt in Lagos when you are around these locations below;
RoadStar Burger,
Bar Enclave,
Food House, Ikosi
White House, Yaba
Lounge 9a,
Massimo Bar,
Grace’s Cakes,
Jazzment Salon,
Barbershop, Lekki
Amala Express,
The only downside of this flobyt free wifi is that the more
people discover this, the more they’ll abuse the use because it is free.
Meanwhile, I don’t trust anything free… it has indirect consequences.
anyone try it in Lagos?
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12 thoughts on “Have You Tried Flobyt Free Wifi Services?”

  1. Haven't tried it but I will anytime am around the listed areas.
    Am still skeptical about this though and wouldn't do anything sensitive over their WiFi before someone will be stealing another person's personal data.
    Anyways Prof and readers, has anybody recently tried GTbank's naira master card on PayPal? It's not working with mine and am thinking gtb has blocked payments to PayPal.

  2. Public wifi doesn't have the hallmark of Security, it's one of the major ways Hackers intercept details of users.

    I don't subscribe to its usage as far as Sensitive transaction(s) is/are concerned.

    Can only recommend that one use it to download files that will consume alot of data like Games, Files, Movies and Streaming….these also doesn't stop a Pro from tampering with your details/data.

  3. No Internet network is completely secure. It would definitely have its own loopholes. But because nothing is free, they display ads at intervals which you must watch, there's no way around the ads. That's how they earn their money back. A very wise thing to do @ the owners, very soon they will be hitting billions from advert placements because everyone wants free data.


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