MTN Nigeria Launches 4G+ in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja

MTN Nigeria yesterday launched 4G+ in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt, saying the enhance service platform will help it deliver a premium experience to more people across the country.

MTN 4G+ runs on 4G LTE Advanced Technology, using a combination of the recently acquired 800 MHz spectrum and 2600 MHz. The added spectrum and advanced technology extend the reach and capacity of MTN’s data network in Nigeria and enables speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

MTN Nigeria 4G+

This means a 30-minute HD video could take as little as three minutes to download on 4G+, while the same video would take around eight minutes to download on standard 4G. The telco said the service is immediately available and will deliver much higher broadband speeds, a more consistent connection and significant improvement in indoor coverage.

According to MTN Nigeria, “It’s about the customer. We put the customer at the heart of everything that we do.” … the launch of 4G+ represents a natural evolution from MTN’s already fast and reliable 4G network and further demonstrates the company’s commitment to continued investment in technology that caters to the present and future needs of its customers and country.

With the launch of 4G+, customers are expected to see faster downloads and uploads, and better browsing and streaming experiences.

With time, it will extend to other states in Nigeria.

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9 thoughts on “MTN Nigeria Launches 4G+ in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja”

  1. MTN, low-key milking us but low-key delivering value. Was downloading Brightburn last night and I spotted 11mb/s and I almost wept out of joy. Ah! MTN, I stan!

  2. But my problem is dat I don’t know how they are zapping the t welcome back data subscription. Even if I subscribed 1k to get 5gig data it will still finished b4 5 days.

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