New – Airtel Opera Mini Data Bundle Suitable For All Device

Why we are busy creating value for 2014 as it unravel,
Airtel telecommunication industry introduces  yet another package for opera mini users just
like the new  BBM package for android
users last year. This new package can sustain you till the end of the month
regardless of the device you are using.
Those who are always data cap conscious, this new package
might suit you since you no longer need to worry about in sufficient mb. I’m
pretty sure every mobile device, uses opera mini browser, which automatically
means that this new airtel package is suitable for all.
How Can I Get The New Opera Mini Bundle?
The new opera mini bundle from airtel only goes for #300
monthly and to get yours, just
==>Load #300 on your airtel sim
==>Dial *885*1# and the plan will be activated for you.
Though I am still waiting for the time these telecom company(s)
will introduce AIS (Android Internet Subscription) Just like we have
BIS(Blackberry Internet Subscription); at least to ease the burden of data exhaustion
from Android users.

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21 thoughts on “New – Airtel Opera Mini Data Bundle Suitable For All Device”

  1. U ppl ar just too funny. I gues u dnt knw once u ar connected u must nt disconect. Wat i xpected is asking to knw ow to do dis proper. I wil giv yomi d 200
    so u can connect n disconect at wil n as plses.
    Happy sunday

  2. yomiprof I have a problem,I noticed this with the unlimited whatsapp,it says u must ve 1 naira min but phone keeps eating from my credit until no credit is left,ie no credit no unlimited watapp,or bbm .now how ll I do this opera stuff and even unlimited bbm without taking all my credit? am using a samsung.


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