TStv Will be Giving Out Free 5000 Decoders This Week

More updates coming from the CEO of TStv today reveals that 5000 decoders will be issued to Nigerians free of charge across the country to test her services.
According to the CEO, they intend to give it out during the launch but the crowd was too much and they promise never to disappoint Nigerians. The test decoders are going out for free, they’ll  be testing their services in the whole 36 states for 2weeks after which commercialization and sales of TStv will resume officially  1st of November.
If you have paid any dealer to get the decoder, the CEO said, go back and collect your money because the test decoders are free of charge.
Watch the video below
Those of you staying in Abuja, The test decoders must have gotten to you… kindly let us know when you receive yours must especially the dealers.

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32 thoughts on “TStv Will be Giving Out Free 5000 Decoders This Week”

  1. Hello Prof. Please can you recommend a good data reseller that I can get data from? I used these guys http://www.clubkonnect.com but for a few days now, when I try to buy data, they deduct money but no data. Called them they wont pick, messaged them both text and whatsapp but no reply.
    You gave a number on one of your previous posts but I cant find it again.
    Thanks for the good work. Hoping for more info on the tstv free decoder so we can buy naija to grow the naira. Bayo

  2. Call rate of this bonus is N50/minute, N100 bonus last for 3days, N200 card bonus or more valids for a week and N500 card bonus or more valids for 2 weeks. From airtel_care Twitter handle


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