Airtel SmartRecharge Gives You 10x More For Voice Calls and Data

It’s very difficult not to fall into this temptation right
now because it is so enticing…everyone loves awoof most especially if there is
no any limitation to it. The awoof stuffs have been seeing of late is majorly
for new customers but this offer, is for old and new customers.

Airtel smartRecharge is a new offer from the Airtel NG that
gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data. Unlike  Airtelsmart connect 2.0 that gives 6x more on the amount you are recharging. 
Airtel smart recharge gives you 10x more on calls and data
For instance, if you recharge N100, you’ll get N500 for
and N500 for data. A recharge of N200 will give you N1000 for calls and
N1000 for data.
N500 recharge give N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus
extra N3000 for data. While N1000 recharge will give you a whooping N2500 for
calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data. The more you load the more bonuses you get
for calls and data.
Now you understand what I’m saying that this smartRecharge
is absolutely enticing and the good part of it is that its available for all
Airtel Subscribers. Any Airtel sim will do the magic recharge above.
How Can I Get Airtel Super Recharge?
Its simple and easy! Dial *220*Rechargepin# send
This offer is open to new and existing subscribers on Airtel
network. This is why Airtel calls it #DoAnyhow.
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33 thoughts on “Airtel SmartRecharge Gives You 10x More For Voice Calls and Data”

  1. What is the call rate? Ẹ. G Glo Bumpa (x3 recharge) debits at rate of 55k/s. 2nd question, can d bonus airtime be used to buy regular data like 1k plan that offers 1.5Gb monthly (×496#)?

  2. Airtel want to kill us with offers
    Added info
    For 20x…dial *241# to see if u r eligible…. Mouth watering offer
    (with 200 u get 1k to call and 3k of data) enjoy ur life and money with Airtelllllll….

  3. It's cool But why airtel never give straight bonus like glo? I want to have the bonus but still need my main balance to subscribe data. This is what airtel has always refused to do.

  4. Glo bumba still the best i recahge 2k and their give me 4k while i will still use the 2k i recahrge for data but airtel will just join ur recharge and bonus together so u cant use it to buy data


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