What Will You Buy on Black Friday Nov 27?

There is only one day that can be black in the 365 days we
have in a year… it’s gonna be black because that day is going to be a crazy
massive discounted day on all items and I want to believe that you don’t want
to miss out. If there is any item you wanna get, keep your cash until Nov 27. Its
so close, 5 more days to go and I bet all items are really going to be
discounted upto 90% for real.

Cross check your gadgets, home appliances and devices because
it’s high time you get a replacement for them. Let me also whisper to your hearing
that on that day, Konga is going to officially launch Alcatel Pop Star Device
running on Android 5.0, the price will wow you. 
If you havent’ tasted 6 inches device before, you are really
going to have a feel of it that day… Once you feel it, you won’t want to go
back to 5inches again… even ladies can testify.
Whichever platform you’ve chosen to shop on, Jumia, Konga,
Yudala, Dealdey or Gearbest come Nov’ 27, you should really be sure of awoof
How Can I Buy on Black Friday?
Different platform has their shopping guide, unlike Jumia,
Konga or Yudala. Just keep an eye on this blog and I’ll update you as the deal
unfold before that day.
Ask yourself this question… What I’m I going to buy on Black
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32 thoughts on “What Will You Buy on Black Friday Nov 27?”

  1. Honestly Yomi, I've come to doubt the whole Nigerian "black" Friday movement simply because the deals aren't mouth watering enough. I'm just hoping that they all step their game up. As for me, I'm hoping to find a site to buy the latest Nexus.
    What would you guys buy this black friday?

  2. Bro yomi plus can u estimated Chinese time as I am shopping with gearbest and want to know the exact time their are on.Friday cuz I don't trust all this Nigeria sites with discount

    • Gearbest is safe to use… You only need patience in waiting to receive your order. Alibaba is equally safe but you need to read reviews of other buyers about the seller before you enter one chance


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