Beware of QuadRooter Malware: Already Affected 900Million Android Smartphones

As good as Android operating system is, it is vulnerable to too many
attacks. A new flaws has been discovered by researchers and it says to affects
Android devices powered by Qualcomm chipsets. It is called QuadRooter.

the flaw is basically a set of four vulnerabilities
affecting over 900 million smartphones and tablets running Google’s mobile
operating system, including Samsung’s latest S7 flagships and even the
acclaimed most secured Android smartphone by Blackberry DTek50.
For a user’s phone to be attacked, he or she would have to
be tricked into installing a malicious app onto their handset. No special
permissions are required to install it, and affected phones can be completely
controlled by the hacker. For this to happen, the hacker must successfully
exploit one of the four flaws thus giving him (or her) root access to the
phone. Once that is accomplished, the invader gains access to the camera,
microphone, data and all of the remaining hardware.
Qualcomm was notified about the vulnerabilities – found in
the company’s software drivers – back in April this year. The chipmaker says
that all the bugs were fixed at its end and patches were handed over to
customers. While fix for three vulnerabilities have already made it to recent
Android monthly security updates released by Google, one is still outstanding –
it’ll be be included in the September update.
How Do I Know If My Phone is Affected?
Go to playstore and download Quadrooter scanner app to
scan your device if you are running Qualcomm chipset.
For now no one has a device which is fully secured says
Check Point.
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10 thoughts on “Beware of QuadRooter Malware: Already Affected 900Million Android Smartphones”

  1. Using an android phone since ages and no malware as ever affected any of my phones b4 and can't do without rooting. Maybe coz i don't install unknown app. If i must download an app from a website i read reviews b4 downloading. Say safe

  2. I think that is the best form of safety. Read reviews about an app before downloading. There is no law under heaven that says you must download all the applications in playstore.

    Alot of people download applications they don't know talk more of using it. #TeamMTK

  3. This is jst a way of collecting ppls information unknowingly to them, prof tell say we Africans don wise-up if den lyk make dem call am qrooter e no concern us oooho

  4. Hmmm, as long they won't spoil my phone for me sha. That's they own business, i don't Have any damn information on my phone. am using Adblock browser it's another chrome browser with powerful Adblock, I hardly install anything with it. It always block all the stupid ads. And it will block any stupid dangerous site from opening Except If u off the Adblocker. Secondary I have premium adguard application installed on my phone. That one also will protect all apps on ur phone and also protect u from attacker.

  5. Yomiprof, pls help I just went to pay another 2k to flash my cloned Sony xperia z5 ROM today, hoping it will stop downloading unknown apps & adverts. Am tired please help

    • Why dont u download Dr web from Googleplay or u can download the premium version from BlackMart then remove the lincense verification with Luck patcher. then scan ur pnone with it. It will bring out all the threats in ur phone from there u can delete or Uninstall them.

    • Hello Timroy,
      Sorry about what you are passing through… but at thesame time, I don't think the guys you paid 2k to really flashed your phone. If they do, it will clear everything on your device including the test.

      Your clone Sony Xperia is probably infected with MonkeyTest Time virus in which the only cure is to flash it. You can try the suggestion above by R^&B, if it doesn't fix it, then you need to properly flash it.

  6. You please help me how can I flash my infinix hot not pro recovery cos I have try using mobile uncle and is not working for me and u please give me dey way to do that with my laptop please boss will be waiting for ur reply cos I wanna change my custom rom and which rom will be good for my infinix hot not pro tnx boss.


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