Check What is Consuming Your Android Storage Space

Some android device keep giving you low memory space after
doing all the doable; the question now is what apps  is really consuming your memory? I just can’t
imagine a 16GB internal memory android device displaying “you are running out
of memory”, it sucks.

Well, lets go straight to Play Store and download DiskUsage
==>During installation, it will ask where you want to
install, choose your SD card
==>Afterwards, you will be presented with a visual report
of all of the data on your device.

==>From here, you can select any specific app on your
device. Clicking on Google Play Music shows how much space it’s consuming and
how much of that is going towards app data.
==>If an app is taking up too much space, you can try
clearing the app’s data, emptying out its cache, or uninstalling the app
entirely. You can do this by clicking on the “Show” button in the top right
corner. This button it will take you to the app’s settings. From here you can
clear up much of the space, if not all of it.

Mind you, F2SD will move any app you want to move from your
phone to your sd card. Just make sure you have enough space on SD card to deal
with this.

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