How To Move All Application On Your Android To SD Card

One of the major problems
a lot seems to face on our devices is the lack of memory. Android uses two
types of memory, the memory of the smartphone or tablet and an external memory,
the SD card. There are times you just get this message pop up on your
smartphone “you are running out of memory space”, which is very much embarrassing
to a typical android user.

By default, all
applications that we download are installed in the internal memory, and sooner
or later we will have a problem of storage. In that case, we have several
options for reorganizing the information downloaded on our Android devices, but
it is more practical to just move some apps from the internal memory to the SD
How Can I Move My
Apps To SD Card?
Some applications
can’t move as they require to be in the internal memory to run. However, many
others can be moved smoothly. This can be done in two ways, either with the
options Android gives us or with the help of some external app.
However, there are some
default stubborn apps that will refuse to move but relax the solution is right
in front of you.

==>App2SD: One
thing you’ll love about this app is for the fact that it shows the total
capacity of your SD card and Phone memory; not only that, but tells you which
app you can be move and which can’t be move. You can just download it here or
from play store, run and install it, and every other things is pretty easier to

==>Force2SD: to
all the apps pretending to be sturborn, perhaps all the default apps, this
application will simply deal with them as it will move them all to your SD
card. Just make sure you have upto 8 -16GB free space on your SD card if you
totally want to free your memory space. You can download the free version hereor play store. If you want to get the paid version for free, just visit here to
learn how to.
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7 thoughts on “How To Move All Application On Your Android To SD Card”

    • Hello bro you'll need to flash it with stock rom. Did you install any app before it got bricked? If Yes, try and boot it into recovery mode, den Unistall d app

    • Hello it seems dir are some folders dat comes with d installation of games which only works on d fone itself. I'll suggest u leave your games on d fone memory while every other apps should move to ur SD card.

  1. Av tried all ds app moving application but yet my phone wouldn't give an option to move even inside d app2sd base dat was y i taut of rooting it buh havn't bin able to do it wt d offer u gav me if u stl rmb

  2. I had a tab I tried rooting and got it bricked. I had to buy another. Pls prof, how do I stop my bb from hanging annoyingly, apart from selling it. Thanks


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