How To Watch Live Matches On Android With Less Data Charges

To all the sport lovers that will want to keep track of all
current, live stream updated football match right from their android
smartphone, you don’t need to look too far before you achieve this, because the
solution is right in front of you.

I’ll show you one simple application that will help you
achieve your football live streaming without consuming much data.
Libre Directo: It is an application that allows sports fans
to follow all kinds of the most famous sports leagues. Furthermore, you can
easily view live or recorded matches that interest you  via streaming.
Libre Directo uses the links of the Roja Directa website,
broadcastings worldwide sport events, free of charge and without requiring to
left the application. We can see the Spanish Soccer League, the Champions
League, the Premier League and the Bundesliga, among others. 
With this app we can watch for free a lot of sport events,
both in the States and the rest of the world. Mind you, to make sure your data
consumption is mini mize. Kindly turn off every other application running at
the background before streaming. 
One thing I love about this application is that it runs on
smartphones and tablets regardless of your screen size, and it’s free to
download on Play store. 
Where Can I Download It?
==>Visit Play store to download it or here
==>Run and install it
==>You are good to go
It is high time I introduce you to a secret free internet
surfing instead of burning your money on data (still thinking though).
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  1. help us with d trick, Sir. I'm tired of spending more on data nd receiving less in return. please, biko, mbok. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. morning boss, I got an I phone 5 but d pblm am facing is I don’t know ow remove d former id email from iCloud…..thanks in


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