What Has Become Of Airtel Bis – Increase In Price, Decrease in Data

It is no longer news that the so called airtel bis that we
appraised and raised high few months ago is now the network that is been
de-praised and pressed low. Someone asked me a question two days ago, and this
prompted me to make some findings directly from their office to be sure of what
I’ve heard.

Airtel data plan and bis price has changed drastically  in recent times
without any prior notification to its’ customers which I think it’s very bad.
As at four months ago, Airtel Bis  2GB
plan goes for #1,500 while their normal 1.5GB plan goes #3,000. But just some
couples of months ago, they started charging unnecessary data consumption even without using
it for anything.
I lately discovered that their 2GB bis plan which goes for #1,500
as been reduced to1.5GB, While their nomal 1.5GB now goes for #3,500; 4GB goes
for #8,500. Like I’ll always say, only subscribe for Airtel bis if you know
what you are doing, or you don’t consume data for surfing.
As long as I’m concern, Airtel as lost a customer forever
except if there is a change in their data plan.
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8 thoughts on “What Has Become Of Airtel Bis – Increase In Price, Decrease in Data”

  1. Thats it. Airtel are now scammers. They just took away my data bundle and my money. How i wish they would just die. Glo is even better than them, not to talk of Mtn.

  2. Prof Pls d mtn night plan vpn cheat is not working for me. It sucks waiting for 9pm everyday to browse, I've tried everything u suggested but no luck.please help! Or has it been blocked.thanks

  3. i adviced a frnd 2 brk his airtel sim as i did mine….useless network that doesn't have subscribers compared 2 mtn,r d ones doin dis 2 d few ones usin d network….if they give affordable browsing,will it fall d network or prevent them from makin money??? bush network! just showing how crooked they are.


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