BBM V10.8.5.15 Updates – Before You Updates, See The Side Effect

Blackberry just updated BBM and I felt I should let us know
some of the features added.  A
subscription plan has been added in its attempt to make BBM more
revenue-inclined. The Canadian Company has stripped-off timed images, time
messages and ability to retract messages on its new BBM version for standard

Features of New BBM Updates

==>Start chatting with your address
book contacts that are already using BBM – No invite required!
==>We’ve bundled timed pictures,
timed messages and retracted messages into a new BBM Subscription.
==>Broadcast messages can now be
sent to specific categories.
==>Manage your Stickers – Choose
which sticker packs are displayed in your Sticker Picker.
==>Improved Voice Chat
experience.nYou now have the option to block receiving messages from a
multi-person chat.
In other words, if you are one of those
who love sending timed messages, timed images, or you do love to retract
already sent to your chat mate, once you upgrade your BBM, you won’t be
able to do the whole of that again unless you subscribe to it.
No more invite, so long you are using
BBM and you are on my address book, I can easily send you message without
adding you to BBM.
You can download the latest BBM here.
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37 thoughts on “BBM V10.8.5.15 Updates – Before You Updates, See The Side Effect”

  1. Good morning my prof, so no solution to my problems? about my p5 refusal to install application, I did everything including hard reset but nothing works out, please any other solution?

    • Obviously, you didn't read my last reply to you. I gave you two option to fix it and you didn't say if it work for you or not which means u didn't read it.

      Use any of this here

    • If you don't make use of time messages, then it's okay to upgrade.. but that aspect of subscribing is what I don't quite agry with BlackBerry

  2. Prof I've been trying to install WhatsApp plus…but it keeps telling me an app by the same name and signature is causing conflict and blah blah like that. Even after uninstalling my previous whatsapp

    • Hello Daniel,
      Follow the guide below to install Whatsapp Plus or reborn

      If you get not install, Do this.

      How to install:
      1. Make sure your Phone is Rooted.
      2. Download Root explorer.
      3. Download the whatsapp+.
      4. Backup your previous whatsapp conversation just as prof have stated…
      5. Delete your official whatsapp.
      6. Install your root explorer then goto root»vendor»operator»app.
      7. Locate and delete the whatsapp again.
      8. Search for your whatsapp+ and move it to the folder where you deleted the official whatsapp.
      9. Install and enjoy.

    • Thanks….prof I did exactly as u stated above. But dis time it told me "application not installed". I also
      noticed something its d only app in that folder that has rw-rw-rw. While the rest are rw-r-r. I use infinix hot x507

    • HFello friend,
      Which other way do you want me to tell you other than the one i have posted.. If its not working for you, its either its network error, or call Eti customer care to sub for you. As long As I am concern, there is no other way other than the one I have posted on this blog.

  3. Please, Yomi I'm a new user of your site and I have found it most interesting, please I will like to be abreast of the information you share on here and on the WhatsApp too, please add me to your group, 07034463979, thanks.

  4. Prof my Oga thanks for your concerned, please I follow all the instructions given even I even download the application but no success, please any other solution?

  5. Without wasting much time, follow the below simple instruction to get it done.
    Just text JOIN to 141
    Note: You may not get any reply after you dial the codes, just dial *123*133# to check your free Megabytes/Gigabytes balance/valid date.
    For more free Airtel Data, simply tweak your Android phone imei with:
    IMEI: 360887201752233 or 358429060451027
    After succeeded in Imei tweaking
    Then, text JOIN to 141
    Try it continuously till you accomplished your mission.

  6. Prof. Pls my mtn android s620 refuse to root.have tried fermaroot and iroot, kingroot etc..pls any idea what may b wrong. When I tried root genius it said such a hard fone to root..fermaroot keep tell me failed..try another exploit tried lik 3 diff version of fermaroot..pls hlp a brother


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