Check This Out – Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband with White LED

Hello guys, its weekend and you should really take a look at
this Xiaomi Mi band. Mi Band 1S equipped with a optical heart rate sensor, can
real-time detect heart rate, let you adjust the motion state scientifically and
consume fat efficiently. Mi Band 1S manages your motion every moment and take
good care of you
Take a look at some important features of the Mi Band 1S.

Main Features:
Heart rate monitor: 1S with optical heart rate sensor, shows you heart
rate with PPG, you can see the results more intuitively.
30 days standby time: Top-level Bluetooth chip and military gravity
sensor ensure 30 days ultra-long standby time for a full charging.
Call reminder: Mi Band 1S will tell you when a call comes, you never
need to worry about missing any important calls.
Sports tracking: Track your sports, record steps, distance and
calories, help you achieve your sports target.
Sleep monitoring: Let you know your deep sleep and shallow sleep, also
APP will give you periodical evaluation, help you develop good living habits.
Silent alarm: Wake you up every morning, will not be late for work;
Remind you with vibration, never worry about missing anything.
Free password to unlock the phone: Forget complex unlock password and
gesture, simply raise your hand to close to phones, immediate and safe
Who Needs it?

Everyone needs it
Price $24.89 (N5,475.8)
You can get it from gearbest here
And also see some cool images of how Mi band works here.
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