How many still believes BB10 has a future?

I don’t want to say Blackberry 10 is gradually dying but I’m
part of those who believe Blackberry 10 won’t die like that.

Will there be new functionality beyond bug fixes and
security patches in subsequent updates?
Will 10.4 ever see the light of day?
Will BlackBerry ever release a new BB10 phone?

If you believe the answer is yes for any of these questions, vote yes.
If you believe the answer to be no for all of these questions, vote no.

Now is your chance to show your true colours.

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51 thoughts on “How many still believes BB10 has a future?”

  1. Answer is No because people who even bought it are regretting. The phone has battery problem and that's major complaining everyone is complaining. Those who have in their shop are begging customers to buy it. Lol


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