Must Read: For All InnJoo Fire & Infinix Hot Note Pro Users Before You Brick Your Device

Its really important you read this if
you just bought your Innjoo Fire or Infinix Hot Note pro or any of those
gadgets at all. The truth is, Android  OS is so fragile and without your notice, it
can decide to go a-wire. InnJoo fire is one of the latest device in the market
as well as Infinix Hot Note Pro. . . So you can’t be guaranteed to get the
recovery image so soon. 

To avoid story that touch, I’ll advice
you back up your device before it will get bricked. Once it get bricked, and
you don’t have a cwm recovery, then you can as well kiss your device goodbye.
Note: Once your device get bricked, the
only thing you’ll see when its turn ON is your Android logo smiling at you.

To know how to back up your device,
with or without PC, please click here.

Feel free to ask any questions related
to this using the comment box.

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24 thoughts on “Must Read: For All InnJoo Fire & Infinix Hot Note Pro Users Before You Brick Your Device”

    • You shouldn't be confuse. If your fone is bricked, it means your andriod is damaged. You won't be able to access anything on your phone again. You'll only see android logo smiling at your anytime you start your phone.

  1. Prof and guys that own the hot note pro I used the same cwm recovery.img for hot note for my hot note pro and it worked perfectly since its the same chipset and model….good luck trying it on yours… .prof kindly send me a mail @ [email protected] I wanna ask you some questions.. .thanks


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