Why is MTN & Infinix Deceiving us?

Why is MTN and Infinixmobility deceiving us? I though
they said if you buy Infinix hot2 (Android One), you’ll be eligible for 1GB For

I noticed that after the first month of subscription,
the second month is a no go area. A lot of infinix Hot2 users have laid series
of complain about this issue but MTN will keep telling you story that touch
that you are not eligible for the Phone you bought with your money and it’s
boldly written on the pack “Get 1GB for N500… offer available for good 12months”.
Now who is deceiving who?
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20 thoughts on “Why is MTN & Infinix Deceiving us?”

  1. Nah MTN….my friend bought zero2 and on the pack they said get 1gb for 1k, my friend sent the code, MTN took his 1k and never gave him his 1gb….we called the customer care they said he should switch off his phone for 2munites and put in back on, did that…..still MTN refuse to give him the data he paid for up till today, isn't it a clear thievery

  2. A friend also complained about the same thing.. It's so not cool..
    If they know they can't do it.. Why didn't they tell us from the onset that the offer is for only one month then we'd know what we're getting into

  3. Hi prof good morning, am sorry for posting dis on wrong thread, please i av dis problem with my innjoo f2 anytime i switch ON my data it it will be auto download some useless app also when i check group message on whatsap it will not show unread messages it will start from last message what should i do pls……

  4. I noticed that with mtn bb10 tweak I cannot download file upto 1 gig and above at once anymore no matter the speed . Once it start downloading suddenly the Internet will disconnect by itself. but i it will not disconnect when downloading small files. I have tried it several times and still the same. It's like MTN has capped file size to download also. Has anyone notice it ? I have tried it many times with psiphon and tweakware.


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