Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Version Coming With 12RAM + 1TB Storage

Earlier rumors suggested that the top S10 will have 512GB of built in storage, but fresh rumors suggests that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant will come with 4 cameras, 12GB of RAM and 1 Terabytes internal memory.

Though we’ve heard of 10GB Ram smartphones like Xiaomi black shark gaming phone but  12GB Ram on a smartphone will be a predator.


According to reports from GF securities states that one of the variants of the Galaxy S10 will have 12GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 1TB.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version is also expected to come with a 3D detection module based on TOF (Time-Of-Flight), which is a technology that calculates depth by measuring the amount of time that infrared light takes to reach the subject and be reflected.


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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Version Coming With 12RAM + 1TB Storage”

  1. 1tb on phone ?
    While most laptop is yet to get to that level
    Anyway i believe no need of SD card expanssion slot except maybe for installation

  2. Samsung is about to introduce another controbutional tie bomb in the exbit karacka? this one no go only explore like the previous ones but it will burn down any apartment join certainly not made for Africans especially Nigerians cos we don’t have good firefighters..lols am just kidding ooO?

  3. Believe me if you guys really understand how recent smartphones are built these days you’d know that the 1GB is not even enough. remember, the phone would house 4 Hd cameras and you know how large pictures and videos you take with just 1 camera are. so for me i’d say i’m not surprised.

  4. I just want to know how they would handle the bezels on the phone. A truly bezel less and notch less device would be a game changer in this copycat smartphone industry


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