MTN Set to Increase SME Data Price – Too bad

This is more like giving the citizens bread with right hand and collecting double back with the left hands. Just yesterday, the government announced to give 10 million Nigerians free internet and today MTN is set to increase the price of SME data by almost 50%.

This is not the first time SME data price will be increased; it was increased in December last year and about to be increase again come August 21st 2018.

According to the official text message sent to all SME data sellers;

Dear Customer, from August 21, 2018, the following prices will apply to MTN SME Data Share: 10GB at N7,500; 20GB at N14,000; 50GB at N30,000. Thank you.

Old Price 10GB–N5,500; 20GB–N11,000; 50GB–N25,000.

sme data


Once the above price takes effect from the 21st of August 2018, you may no longer be able to buy 1GB for N600, 2GB for N1200, 3GB for N1750 from any third party data reseller again. I don’t know what the price will be but I’m sure the price will make you consider between buying from third party reseller or directly from MTN.

Therefore, we advise customers to buy data in bulk now to last you for 3 months before the proposed increment takes effect.

This is not a good move at all… #MTNBringBackOurNormalRate!

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19 thoughts on “MTN Set to Increase SME Data Price – Too bad”

  1. I spoke with one of their customer care yesterday and she said she didn’t know anything about it. Even though I also received the SMS yesterday.

  2. i agree with the comment above about the exploitation,there is no improvement forward, starting from the destruction of the nitel land lines that is just basic telecom infrastructure worldwide, to the mobile networks that cant even function as it should with the country’s poor power supply infrastructure ,we have been ripped off for decades and i’m not seeing any improvement anytime soon

  3. My problem is that I don’t know what’s wrong with ntel network. Maybe mtn has started bewitching them. For mtn, more they increases data price, more they loose.

  4. Yes, I also received the seems MTN want to technically stop third party data business because when the increase takes effect,1gb of MTN data could go as high as 750 naira to 800 naira unless the reseller has enough in gigabites in stock before the 21st.

  5. It is so sad that instead of getting cheaper data subscription reverse is the case. This is not helpful to the broadband penetration that NCC is preaching about.

  6. I saw this coming, i wonder if mtn have been broke to come with the Yeye data price. Even the night plan is over as far as I’m concerned because 125mb is nothing, watch out in the next couple of months, mtn will lose not less than 1 million Internet subscribers.

  7. MTN is becoming stupid oh. How i wish other networks will use this opportunity to work on there self and bring up Better strategy to beat MTN.


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