How to Root Infinix Zero 2 in Less Than 5min

Rooting the latest Infinix Zero 2 is a s easier as rooting InnJoo fire… 5 min is too much to get this device rooted. King root is a
universal android root that can root any device and even the so called stubborn
Android device bow down to king root.

How Can I Root My Latest Infinix Zero 2?

==>Download Kingroot app here
==>Install and run the app (make sure your phone is
connected to the internet to avoid any unforeseen errors
==>It will verify your root status>>Click on Try to

==>The rooting process should begin and you’ll see
something like the image below
==>During the process, your device may restart, don’t too
worry, you are safe. As soon as your Infinix Zero 2 reboots, the rooting
process will continue automatically.
==> You may get a prompt to install an app. Ignore the
warning, mark the checkbox and tap “Install anyway”
==>After a minute or so, the rooting process should be
To verify if its rooted, go to playstore, download Root checker and install/run it on your device… You should get a success rooting privileged
If you have any device that you’ve been trying to root but
has not yet succeeded, you can post it below, and guide will be provided on how
to go about it.
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61 thoughts on “How to Root Infinix Zero 2 in Less Than 5min”

  1. Hi, I tried using kingroot to root my tecno l3, but it didn't work, after a little bit search sha, I found a way around it. Thanks. But still yet pls can u kindly assist me with a fine custom rom for dis tecno l3. thanks

  2. Pls house I tried to increase my RAM with RAM Expander along d way sha it says insufficient space (already in 85%) I switch off my phone when it does not move again.
    On switching it on again Behold what I see is SD card damage.
    The card opened on some java phone also on PC I tried formatin it but window can't format it. Any help pls.

    • Hello, sorry about what you are passing through right now… but the only way to fix this SD card issue now is to format it through PC. Look for a pc and use it to format it… it will be okay after then.

  3. Hello sir yomi,its me the sony xperia guy you asked to be patient with you while you find easy step for me to root my sony xperia z ultra lollipop 5.0.2..please am still waiting for your reply name is ken.

  4. I have try to root my phone with Di's kingroot but not working Pls help me out my phone mode is "sky devices" Android 4.4.2

  5. Oga Prof pls help me.. I subscribed for Glo bis "Comonth" to 777 after it has expired. But i got a text from them that says "could not resume user 2348117737919 in RIM, plan not sold: Error in http interface." but they deducted my money. Note: i used to subscribe bfor, but now i dnt undstnd. Pls help ur brother, thanks alot.

  6. mr yomi i need your help ooo, i updated my LENOVO A3300 firmware and that was the end of my tab , it has not been working since morning , a friend said boot loop , what should i do boss .LENOVO A3300

  7. Gud day bro, i jus both an infinix x507 today. D phn is askin me to up grd it to d latst bt i hvnt, an i hav try rootin it wit Kingroot bt it kep on failing wenevr it gts to 70%, pls wht cn i do to gt it rootd

    • First of all, if you want to upgrade to the latest Lollipop us, don't root it… upgrade before you root it.

      Make sure you turn on your internet data if not, you won't get a success in roting it.

    • You don't need any app on pc to format… Just insert your memory card on your pc either thru modem or memory card reader, once your pc detected it, go to your computer, right click on choose the format options.

    • go to SETTING>>>Tap on ABOUT DEVICE>>>Then click on SOFTWARE UPDATE>>>You'll see the Update option click on it and you'll see the latest information about your firmware

      Follow this guide in rooting it below
      How to root SM Tab 3 lite

      Note: Update it first before you root it to avoid it being bricked!

  8. Morning prof. Tanx for the post. My Techno J7 has been rooted but I have not been able to change my imei number. Pls help me.

    • Download Engineering mode mtk from playstore>>>Run and install it on your device

      Use the procedures here to change your imei.

      let me know if you encounter any problem

  9. Please help i wanna install lollipop rom to my infinix zero, buh i want to backup my current rom first, what should i do. I've tried Google buh its confusing.

  10. Gud day bro, tnz fr d tipz, i hav root d fon, d tin is dt nw it wont tweak, it kep saying "dis cnt be don in userbuild app" pls wht else can i do, cos i dnt jus understand it. Tnz.

    • You need to space your AT command like the below
      AT +EGMR=1,7,"Imei_no"

      Make sure it is spaced or else you'll keep getting same userbuild erro.

  11. I know this is not the right trend but I need help. I can't backup my infinix hot note pro rom and also flash recovery with mtk Droid tool. The mtk Droid tool cannot recognise my device but could recognize other phones such as tecno and others . I have enabled USB debug mode on my phone and the device drivers are successfully install on my PC. I have also successfully rooted the phone with king root yet the mtk Droid tool could not recognize my infinix hot note pro. Please sir your help is needed


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