Review: Infinix Hot Note Pro & Infinix Zero 2 – Which Will You Go For?

So these are the two smartphones causing  confusing on the internet within the last few
days… I don’t know why they decided to release both device same period. It
will shock you to note that buyers have been having problem deciding which to go
for; Infinix Zero 2 or  Infinix Hot Note Pro.
I’m going to run a simple review on both  devices right now… and
later, I’ll also run a review on InnJoo fire, Infinix hot and TecnoY6 (the 3 of them are within the same price range).

Infinix Zero 2 Kevlar & Infinix Hot Note Pro Review
First of all;
==>Both devices can be rooted
==>Both devices can be tweaked
==>Processor: Infinix Zero 2 runs on 2.0Ghz octacore processor
while Hot note pro runs on 1.4Ghz octacore processor.. 2.0 octacore is more
==>Ram: Both devices comes with 2GB Ram capacity
==>Rom: Both devices comes with 32GB internal memory and
support SD card usage
==>Display size: Infinix zero 2 comes with a display
screen of 5inches while Hot note pro comes with 5.5inches.
==>Camera: Infinix Zero 2 comes with 13mp main camera,
5mp front camera, while Hot note pro comes with 8mp main camera and 2mp front
==>Battery: Infinix zero 2 comes 2.300mAh non removable
battery capacity, while Hot note pro comes with 4,000mAh removable battery
==>Android OS: Infinix Hot note pro runs on Android
KitKat 4.4.2 upgradeable to 5.0, while Zero 2 runs on KitKat.
==>Price: Infinix Zero 2 is priced at N35,900 while Hot
note is priced at N26,000.
To buy Infinix Zero 2 click here, and to buy infinix Hot
note pro
, click here.
When you want to decide which device to go for, you must
first consider the battery capacity, Camera pixel and processor speed.
If you are to decide between these two phones, which will
you go for and why?
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37 thoughts on “Review: Infinix Hot Note Pro & Infinix Zero 2 – Which Will You Go For?”

  1. Hello sir yomi,please I need your help towards how to root my Sony xperia z ultra lollipop 5.0.2… I really need urgently

  2. Its had 2 decide bt..battery is very important…wt ll a phone dt hv 2.0Ghz nd with a 13mp nd 5mp camera b without a long lastin battery…both fones re if u are a full tym fones user..den u go 4 Note pro…it u jst use it normall 4 mkin calls nd ntin tedious den go for Zero 2..its ur call

  3. please sir yomi, am confused with the process of rooting my Sony xperia z ultra lollipop 5.0.2.. please can you make it more easy and understandable please will appreciate it that way.. thanks.

  4. sir prof yomi,still the guy who is confused about how to root it's Sony xperia z ultra lollipop 5.0.2..
    have downloaded all the file required for the process… but don't know still what to do

  5. Prof., is it possible to exchange the battery of infinix zero for infinix zero 2? If possible, how do I go about it?
    The reason I'm asking is because my infinix battery doesn't last 2 hours at a time. Kindly advice

  6. Bro, to b honest am still confused,. Don't know the phone to go for. Main factors am considering now is the battery life and camera. Hot note is 8mega pixel right. Is the picture quality above average? Should I consider cameraover battery life? Thank you

  7. when u say non removable do u mean the battery is attached to the panel and cant be solder out in case the battery finally fails? and do u think a higher battery like the 4000mah can fix into the zero 2 if the removable can be changed?

  8. its the same thing the zero 2 talking of battery life cos it comes with less battery consuming screen go and make a research on the zero 2 screen they phone producers are wise and they know exactly what they are doing. the hot pro is also a good phone but with a high battery consuming screen thats why the battery is 4000mah.


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