Thanks for Being Part of Our 2016

If I
have by any means gone farther this year, it is because I stood on the
shoulders of giant. If I have by any means run faster this year, it is because
I ran with my team.
I want to sincerely appreciate everyone who open this blog
this year, everyone who read my naughty post and still came back to read more…

offended a lot of people, step on toes, some mails I never replied but I want
you to know that it’s not intentional; hence I want to say I am sorry to those
I offended and I am grateful to everyone who visits daily.

Blogging without readers is like schooling without
certificate. Blogging without readers is clueless, indolent and just like
beauty pageant without appreciation. Blogging in 2016 won’t have been sweet
without you reading my hilarious, disgusting but informative write up again,
and again and again. I value every one of you.
The reason why I blog is because you are there to read…
Without you reading, there is no blogging. Like I always said, I am not the
best blogger but a privileged blogger.
This year 2016, I learnt a lot of things in blogging and in
my online venture that made me succeeded despite the economic recession, I made
a lot of money this year.
>>Readers: My readers are my most valuable asset. You
made me succeed; without you, blogging is a complete waste of time, resources
and energy. 
>>MIS (Multiple Streams of Income): I never put my egg
in one basket. I believe in the principle of scattering your seed to grow your
income. I lost a lot of money this year but at the same time, I made 10 times
more than what I lost. If you are yet to dive into Cryptocurrency, make it your
top priority in the year 2017.
And to all new bloggers, old bloggers and existing bloggers,
if you didn’t earn much from your blog this year 2016, don’t give up
yet; relax and keep blogging. Map out new strategy, work more on your seo
ranking, have a unique niche for yourself and work in that niche until you
succeed. Someday, it will pay off.
The way to the top is not copy and paste… no blogger build
& keep readership via copy and paste, write it your way and your readers
will come.
We deeply appreciate everyone who commented on my posts,
R&B, Mustapha, Kling Kling, Sir Shark, AndroidVilla, naijaknowhow, etc… and
to all anonymous commenters
, Thanks for being part of our 2016. Thanks to all
our advertisers who advertised on this blog this year… we appreciate you all.
Thank you for coming into play this year 2016, and still in
play… see you in the next page 2017!
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27 thoughts on “Thanks for Being Part of Our 2016”

  1. Thank you, Yomiprof. Your blog is simply the best. A day without opening your blog is like a year without rainfall. Most times I just open and reopen until a new post comes up.

    I pray this blog grows more and more in 2017

  2. You are doing a great job here though there are more rooms for improvement, i will always come here to see whats the new topic all about, it the good work flying high and higher and the sky will just be your starting point man, and to everyone at large HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE

  3. You have always been helpful all through the year 2016 and it is our hope that 2017 will be better and expose us to new things. I make sure i read through ur blog everyday even when i don't comment most times, but i must say this.. A visit a day to is worth the while.. Happy new year

  4. Yeah, thanks as well for making our "Tech Life" more enlightened and widen. We also appreciate your effort in Cash and in Kind this year which really spur the growth of the 'blog-site'. You actually do like a real CEO that's appreciative of his employees….that's a good rapport.
    We hope to have more better topics and hope to work/visit this site better in 2017. Thanks for keeping us "posted and updated" in the techn world.
    Season's Greetings.

  5. Thanks a lot have also learnt from you blog too. I really appreciate you my Prof. You offended me too, because I sent you mail you never reply. But I came to understand that you're the busy type. So I never took it serious. You have been forgiven from the bottom of my heart. Happy new year in advance.

  6. Though i don't always comment on this blog but there's no week this year that i don't visit this blog up to 5 times yes is true. Inasmuch i have not also made kobo from my blog but am happy much far i have gone and step's am yet to take Thank you thank you Prof, i am where i am today because of your encouragement love and care. Upon all my disturbance you are always there to reply my mail text and chat God bless you so much just don't know how to repay you for everything you are doing for me thank you Prof and remain bless.


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