How I Made €27,326.04 Within 4 Months of Joining SwissCoin CryptoCurrency

I have lost money so many times doing online business, and I
have made money so many times doing this same online business. In the words of
Robert Kiyosaki, “I have never seen a rich man who has not lost money before,
but I have seen a lot of poor people who have never lost a dime”.

Few months’ a ago I shared a post on SwissCoin CryptoCurrency
and a lot of people dive into it, some registered and never log into their
account, some were disappointed because it is not a quick make money scheme…
Out of the very few that registered and invested, I have 1 Diamond in rank in
which he’s going to enjoy 1% share with the company, and many more will soon
reach it. I have been able to produce 6 Emerald from my team which will soon reach
Remember, opportunity will never present itself as
opportunity, it will always come disguised in form of dirty boxers and singlet…
it is left for you to recognize it.
Permit me to share with you today how much I have made from SwissCoin CryptoCurrency. I invested €275  (N104,000) and in 5 months, this
is what I have made €27,326.04 as seen in the picture below;
In short last week, I  made €5223.66 euros in a day… Help me convert
it to Naira equivalent and you’ll see that it is worth  N2,873,013.

Note that my investment has not started yielding; these are
just bonuses I made from the company.
SwissCoin CryptoCurrency is the future of money. As at
today 24th November 2016, the value of the coin is still very low €0.08  and the splits is at
99%. You still have more opportunity to be part of this new crypto currency
move before the split hit 100%.
You can choose to be an investor or partner with the
company, whichever way, don’t be left hanging on the fence.
To be part, sign up here.
By this time next year, some people will be Millionaire,
some will be Billionaire and some will be Naira near; make your choice.
Wait a bit; you think it’s a scam? I get paid daily,

You think it’s too good to be real, I still get paid

If you join me now, we both get paid… either way I’ll still
make more money.
Read more about Swisscoin cryptocurrency here. And to those
finding it difficult to fund their account, I can help you with instant funding…
Just drop me a message.
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180 thoughts on “How I Made €27,326.04 Within 4 Months of Joining SwissCoin CryptoCurrency”

  1. Hello Prof, gud evening. My name is kenechukwu and I have just registered and activated my account. Pls what next must I do. I would like u to be my guider and this is my mobile No . 08125909636. Pls add me to swisscoin group. God bless

  2. Prof—am part of those who sign up under you lng tym—-i dn't know hw to fund my acct, even if i fund it–i dn't know to earn money with it—i dn't know d minimum amount to invest

  3. Prof, gud evening. My name is kenechukwu. I ve just signed up and activated my account. Pls what next must I do. I would like u to be my guider and this is my No 0812 590 9636. Thanks and God bless.

    • The way people are buying bitcoin now and trading with it, same way you'll be trading with swisscoin few years from now.

      You'll be able to sell your coin from next year once they go IPO.

      The value of the coin is still very much low, so you are at an advantage if you can get it now, and sell it high in the later future. It is for future investment.

      Also I know the CryptoCurrency is still very much new to some of our hearing, that is why you need to make extra research on it, read it thoroughly, understand it.

      Also read the articles linked in the post above about swisscoin cryptocurrency. I bet this post might not make meaning to your now, but few years from now it will.

      CryptoCurrency is the future of money.

  4. Is it advisable u still sign up wen u don't have more than 15k to invest? Cos i believe the higher the number, the better ur chances of growing large

  5. prof I am really interested add my number WhatsApp 08055188650. I will need more explanation on it. how to withdraw how to fund the account. more grease to your elbow am a regular reader.

    • Will you fund my account now that the value is low and can i fund the account after you might have fund the account…..

      And i have another question that is not what is happening here….some one wants to purchase me a new laptop…..just need ur help on the laptop that is fast and good raging from 50k upward, just need ur fast reply bcos they are asking me the laptop i want….so please tell me…..and yomi, you're about to drag me out of poverty God bless you mehn

    • Hello Chigoz,
      I'll fund your account for you now that the value is still low, and you can also fund the account yourself using bitcoin, or paypal.

      If someone want to purchase you a Laptop, the only suggestion I'll tender is tell the person you want HP product. But there is no way under heaven where you can get a brand new laptop for N50,000. Even in the dream self, dollar don affect am.

  6. I am trying to create an account but no success.. it gives me blank page and nothing else. and if i try to login it gives me invalid username and password

  7. Hello Everyone, the group is filled up already, so join us on Telegram here

    There will be a seminar today by 8PM, don't miss out. there you can get to ask all your questions with reference to swisscoin

    • You need to invest ooo… Follow the link to the telegram group I posted above, and don't miss this evening seminar by 8MP, so that you can now how swisscoin operate and work

  8. If you are one of those who missed out on Bitcoin Investment when it was sold at 2cent by 2009 and now it is sold for over $700 to 1 bitcoin. Goodnews! SWISSCOIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY PUBLIC OFFER IS HERE! Invest in Swisscoin for as low as 0.08 today as experts projects Swisscoin will rise to 5euro in few months! Be among the early investors. (Please call /whatsapp 07011006242).

  9. hello yomi.
    i need to ask some question as am about to sign up and i will appreciate your comprehensive analysis,
    1. when you invest and your bonus is up to this can you withdraw the fund? you have access to your wallet?
    3.after N15,000 what other amount do they have?
    4. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: what is the different between SwissCoin VS Swiscoin i cond'nt establish the different online. look forward for your answers.

    NB i have already joined the Whatsapp group but the telegram is not in existence


    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Nice to know that you are already part of the group.

      Answers to your Questions:
      1. Yes, you can cash out everything.
      2. Yes, I have access to my wallet
      3. They have Packages from 25 euros down to 15,000 euros.

      4. SwissCoin and Swiscoin are two different cryptocurrency companies. I deal with SwissCoin and not Swiscoin.

    • Thanks yomi.
      Really appreciate. I have registered please how can I locate you in the group? I need to discuss something vital things with you. Besides I have a bitcoin wallet how can I fund it from my bitcoin.
      Please whatsapp me 08037721039

  10. Yomi, have sign up and having issues funding. Currently am not in whatsapp and i believe many people are not. Dont you have a facebook group for the same swisscoin?…if you do..c
    kindly add me


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