Best Data Plan For All Smartphones & PC in Jan 2015

It will be very paramount to put into consideration this
season, first quarter of the year what data at the moment suitable for a new
and existing mobile device. Like I normally say that what fuel is to a car is
what data is to every device. I’ll quickly update you with the working and
suitable data plan across all networks. 
Airtel: As at 1st of Jan 2015, Airtel Android 1+1
package no longer work. It has been discontinued. In other word, you can no
longer get 4GB for N2,000 or 9GB for #3,500; it has been stopped, except if the
good Lord decide to touch Airtel NG CEO to open the plan again. However, I won’t
advice anyone to go for Airtel BIS, it is a complete waste of money; except you
are using normal OS7 blackberry, that’s when you should use Airtel BIS. Aside
of this, it is not good, not suitable, for any mobile platform. 

I recently learnt Airtel weekend plan surf unlimited but I haven’t’
tried it. It only cost #200 to activate weekend night plan, and after then it
keeps surfing, according to my source but I haven’t test it.
So if Airtel network is very fast in your location go for
Airtel Android Plan, it works on iPhone, Window phones, Blackberry10 device and
all Android smartphone.
MTN: As at this moment, MTN Blackberry plan still rocks on
all Android devices using OpenVPN or Simple Server. If you have TroidVPN too,
then you can try it out. At least, with MTN BBC Day, if you are lucky with your
download, you can get enough Gigabytes.
Don’t waste too much money this season but do the needful
with your available resources. However, if you’ve tried the MTN BIS on your
Android device and it doesn’t work for you, then I’ll advice you do the normal
1GB for N1,200 from third party reseller. It works on Java/Symbian, window
phones, iPhones, Blackberry10 and Android smartphones.
GLO: Glo Blackberry still rocks with full speed, and with
Glo Blackberry plan, you can have full return for your money. You already know,
that you can tweak your IMEI to use Glo BIS. However, this doesn’t work for
iPhone users and Window phones user with some other non mtk users. Some non mtk
users (not all) can easily get this working by going to playstore and download
Engineering Mode (MTK).
Before you get your next Android phone, make sure it is an
mtk if your original intention is to use cheap data plan on that device. Even
if your device is not an mtk device, you can go with MTN bis and the likes. Glo
Blackberry plan gives you 1k for 3GB, it works on all Blackberry10 devices and
Android device. You can’t tweak it to work with PC.
Etisalat: This network seems to be coming up since you can
now get 250MB for N500, 500MB for N700 750MB and 1.GB for 1,300 from a trusted
3rd party data reseller. This plan works on all devices which
includes iPhone, window phones, Android device and Blackberry10. That data doesn’t
zap like the normal data plans.
Normal Blackberry users don’t have problem at all. Just do
the normal blackberry and it will serve you for a month.
And if you are using a Mifi or you are in a location where
SMILE network is present, then I’ll advice you go for it… It is fast, reliable
and cheap.
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39 thoughts on “Best Data Plan For All Smartphones & PC in Jan 2015”

  1. My tecno F7 (PHANTHOM A+) always display "insufficient storage memory " whenever I want to install an application, even though I've only used 518mb RAM storage for installation out of the 1gb RAM on the phone. i've deleted some applications and the cache but the problem persists. I was asked to debug the OS of my phone. So, how do i go about that? Kindly explain. Thanks

    • Before you do that, go to settings from ur home screen>>Application>>and click on each of those applications, clear the apps cache for all ur apps bt don't touch ur google playstore. Once done, reboot ur device.

      After then, you need to download apps2sd to move all ur applications to memory card.

  2. Well done prof. really appreciate all you are doing here. thanks a billion!
    please help me resolve the following issues i'm facing
    –i just bought an android phone and its slow, i learnt some launchers make android a little fast. please can you recommend me a very good one that doesn't take alot of space and runs very fast.
    –is it possible to increase internal memory and does internal memory use SD card when filled? if yes, how do i go about this?
    –in setting, "network mode"(used for switching between 3G/2G) is not responding, if i click on it, it just stays like that. i've tried using this code *#*#4636#*#* to change it to 3g but whenever i switch it, it immediately goes back to "Gsm only". how do i go about this please?
    –is it possible to move whatsapp to phone?
    –what are the benefits of rooting? don't know if mine is rooted or not.
    thanks alot and God bless you!

  3. Thanks for the post
    I really need your help..
    Please how can I add the HOME page and different sections like the ones in yours? Thanks

  4. hmmm the etisalat payG is no working hv tried it in different sim but all invain………..if any solution pls update me

  5. My Tecno H7 doesn't register network on GSM anymore… Only on 3G which mean only one sim that is switched to 3G registers network… Any solution… Thanks

  6. Oga Prof. God Bless you for your wonderful works. sir please i will like to talk to you on watsapp. pls add me.. 07034796838 kelvin

  7. Prof i don't tink etisalat payg is working any more,bcox for d pass five dayz if i try 2activate i got a msg lyk dz Sorry. Operation failed. Please try again later. Thank you.

  8. Hi yomi. Pls I wanna ask, if I change my IMEI on android to that of BB, would I still be able to download apps from Playstore? Secondly, is it possible to change it back to android IMEI?

    • yes, you'll still be able to download and do everything on your android device. Yes, it is possible, you back it up before you change it finally.

    • If it doesn't register network on GSM/EDGE, then you'll need to make a back up of your rom/files then (if its not like this when you bought it)factory reset.

      Did you try other network sim?

  9. my oga some of us that are using 1 sim htc.phones find it difficult to change imei number like i have my htc my touch 4G rooted… i used terminal emulator to change imei codes but it is not working…but i have change up to five mtk device tecno imei code to get Etisalat 500mb and 2.5gig then my own htc i want to change to b.b imei i can't… pls give me details s cos after doing it my imei remain unchanged i don't know why…..also help me with 1 or 2 BB imei cos i don't have PC if not i can get bb imei's…email is [email protected]…thanks.


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