Etisala Introduce Smartpaks – Apps Specific Data Plans

Etisalat is not taking things easy at all this New Year; New
System rhythm seems to be working for them. I’m pretty sure they know not
everyone consume data; some people even find it difficult to use up to 100MB within
a month. So they decided to introduce a new plan called SmartPak that will
suite those individuals.
The most interesting aspect of this paks is that when you
are subscribed to any of the paks, you get unlimited access

within the duration
of your subscription. So all Etisalat fans should put on your shoe, get set as
you choose the pak that best suite you.

It is divided into 3 Paks
Chat pak: Those addicted to chatting, who has almost wiped
out all the letters on their smartphone will find this valuable. This pak
covers Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Wechat and 2Go; and it cost N50 or N150 a
Social pak: Pingers’ I know you’ll love this… This social
pak covers Facebook, BBM, Twitter and Instagram. It cost N100 a day and N300 a
Video pak: To me, this seems to be the most interesting pak
because with this, you can stream until your battery goes off most especially
when you are streaming your favorite football match or your long awaited movie.
This park covers YouTube, Vine, Skype and some other video websites are covered
by this pak. It cost a flat fee of N400 for 2hours streaming.
How Can I Opt into Any of These Plans?
Dial *200#>>>Type 3 from the data
menu>>>Choose Smartpak.
I can’t really say if they are economical or not… but for
me, I love my package and its serving me well. So My question is, will your
rock this smartpak
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8 thoughts on “Etisala Introduce Smartpaks – Apps Specific Data Plans”

  1. 600 a month for unlimited whatsapp and facebook messenger doesn't sound so bad. As long as it's unlimited, I have no problem with it.

  2. I want to ask if I can use one hour now and use the remaining later or must it be used at a stretch of 2 hours non stop?


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